Citrus in back yard not happy :(

nazareneisraelJuly 22, 2010

Hello. I have several citrus trees in the front yard that are very happy, and growing well. I give them a deep watering twice a week (one hour with an umbrella sprayer). There is a little bit of 'oranging' on the Valencia leaves, but other than that, they seem happy.

The citrus in the back yard is not happy. The leaves closest to the sun on the dwarf Pomello are almost totally yellow, and the tips of the dwarf White Grapefruit leaves are starting to turn black. There are also brown leaves on several of the citrus trees (dwarf white grapefruit, kumquat) which look like they are somehow burned.

I wish I had come across this forum before I planted. In the back I planted in 50% native red clay, 50% mushroom compost, and lots of gypsum pellets. I don't know if this is anything, but does seem like the three trees that are 'most in the sun' are the ones that are having the most problems with yellowing, browning, or leaf tips turning black.

I took some pictures, but I don't know how to post them. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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You could have over fertilized, most citrus, if over fertilized begin to look burned or black. How to correct the issue, I have no idea.

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The citrus in the back yard is not happy.

Might it be as simple as moving it to the front yard?

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>> Might it be as simple as moving it to the front yard?
ROFL. Get your tree spade out from the shed! I don't think the big box stores carry those. ;-)

To the OP: We have to see the pics to be of any real help.

Here are some instructions on forum pics (it's somewhat user friendly, not the greatest). GW post

Skip down to the section called "Adding Pictures to Messages on Forums Without Galleries (Like Hot Peppers Forum) "

And for Step 2, using site likes ImageShack or PhotoBucket are very common now (and probably weren't at the time the How-To was created, so it isn't listed as option for Step 2).

It really SUCKS GW doesn't allow small pics to be inserted, b/c if a user isn't *very* computer literate it isn't easy for folks to explain (no reflection to you, I don't know your computer skills).

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