Something took my lemons - Any animal or rodent eat green lemons?

SallyNcgardner(7)July 13, 2014

This year, (2nd) for my meyer lemon tree was glorious with over 21 tiny green lemons that lasted for a couple of weeks, then one morning when I checked on it, all the lemons were gone.

No trace of them, so I suspect some wildlife took them? The same thing happened last year. We live in a rural area with all kinds of wildlife, so just trying to narrow the suspects.

The tree is very healthy, organic and no pests on it, so that's why I'm pointing my finger at the squirrels or chipmunks.

Anyone have any idea what happened to my lemons that were earmarked for some outstanding limoncello. Sniff sniff.

Any thoughts, ideas or experience you can share is greatly appreciated!

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What would take all the green lemons at once?

If they were ripe...............I'd say human intervention..

Most puzzling.

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My sister watched a squirrel take a unriped lemon from her tree.

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Squirrels stole the orange off my tree,peppers of my plant .Last year they stole every single tomato from my garden. Maggy

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sounds like a good time to make some squirrel gumbo

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Thank you all for the replies. I suspected the squirrels, but couldn't imagine why they'd want green lemons.

Next year, we're placing a homemade screen cage over the tree. Large enough openings for pollinators, but too small for greedy little squirrels.

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Maybe he buried them to ferment.
I dont mean that, however it is possible he took them for reasons other than food.
How about slingshot ammo?

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Those little devils took all the tomato's off my favourite plant today. They take the fruit from my trees as well.even empty the hummingbird feeder. They are difficult to out smart. Maggy

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

How large were the lemons when they disappeared?

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Squirrel gumbo or squirrel and dumplings sure sounds alot easier

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

All the fruit was taken off my peach tree when the peaches were a 1/2 inch.

The limbs and trunk were snapped off at 5 feet and the peaches removed. It turned out that the peaches were being thrown at each other by children and they needed more so they broke most of the tree to get those out of reach. Do children have access to your tree, for lemons can make nice play objects

Squirrel is delicious. I have eaten a few that pestered my plants. If you mix powdered milk or protein powder in peanut butter and place it for the squirrels it will kill them and any predator that eats them will not be hurt.


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This way I could poison the squirrels and not worry about the neighbor

thanks Steve

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I have resident cat squirrels and they have never gotten one my lemons. They do stay full on acorns, pecans, and figs.

Mockingbirds are my Meyer Lemon Menace. You are not suppose to kill a mockingbird. State bird of Texas

I love Texas, but I have yet to find a reason to even like a mockingbird.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Scott, I have the same problem with Mockingbirds and with Thrashers. They will peck at all my fruit - citrus, stone fruit, figs. I have had success with mylar strips. My yard looks ridiculous, but at least I'm keeping fruit from the birds. Squirrels, however, are a different issue. I have resorted to poison bait stations as no amount of shooting with a pellet gun or humane trapping (and we have to then dispatch with the squirrels, as it is illegal to trap and release them here in San Diego county), has not made a dent in our ridiculous ground and tree squirrel population. It is a battle every year for stone fruit. We cannot have cats outside here because of our high coyote population. The cat would be gone in a day. Even though we have a VERY high number of predators here - hawks, kites, falcons, eagles, Great Horned owls, Barn owls, foxes, weasels, bobcats, coyotes, roadrunners, snakes galore (at least 4 or 5 different kinds), we still have a huge squirrel and rat problem. I even have a Barn own house on my property (which I think was used this year, haven't taken it down to check, but have a resident Barn owl we see often in the evening). Actually, one of my three Aussies has become the official "squirrelinator", having gotten 3 of them over the last 3 months. He is really smart and REALLY quick.

Patty S.

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Well I am glad that other parts of the country share my love for squirrels and mockingbirds.

I am in Texas and so I just shoot them. A gardener has to protect his crop.

I finally learned after losing hundreds of lemons over many years about shiny objects blowing in the wind for birds.I have used aluminum strips, cd's, and pinwheels.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

I hear you, Scott. We're not allowed to discharge firearms in our neck of the woods (although we do use our high powered pellet gun with much success). The thrashers and mockingbirds are afraid of the mylar strips. The thrashers were actually much worse for me than the mockingbirds. They would destroy every single nearly ripe fig, just prior to needing to be picked. I thought my husband was going to pull out the "real gun" for sure when I told him who the culprits were. So far, we've been able to eat every single fig this year. Now, to figure out how to get mylar strips in my enormous Panache fig tree (which will not stay under 20' no matter how severely I prune it back).

And, I use a non-kill through bait for my squirrels, in case anyone is worried about my birds of prey. Just have to keep the bait stations secured from my dogs, as there is no antidote for this type of poison bait, as their is with the regular anticoagulant baits out there (which is a shot of Vit. K, in case anyone is curious.)

Patty S.

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