keesha2006(5)May 27, 2010

I know this is a bit off topic of gardens..but

look at this link of what the oil is doing to the shores..


Here is a link that might be useful: oil covered shoreline

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I was so afraid this would happen. This is one of the most frustrating environmental disasters ever to happen. If Louisianna was New York City and this happened there would be a HUGE uproar. Much of this disaster is hidden away in locations with few people, fewer people who have advocating power for the wildlife - they were devastated by Katrina and so was much of the wildlife already devastated back then. It had finally come back and was flourishing. If it was NYC, I think everyone would be moreso considering our dependence on oil and what it means overall - more responsibility, less emphasis on greed, greater emphasis on diversifying our means for power (on all levels, power to move vehicles and heat homes, power to run large oil companies who don't have plans for disasters, power for the US not to have forced a proper disaster plan and kept up with it...) where is the EPA. The EPA has sadly become just another joke in the USA on many levels. It should have the power, by now to do something about this and quickly.

So sad.

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

It is completely inexcusable.


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Thanks for caring Keesha.

It is not off topic. This will have monumental affects on the world and our environment, one way or ten.

I cannot bear to watch the news. Basta*rds!
The EPA became corrupt in the 80s.

BTW, I posted a message to you in Oakley's HIBISCUS topic. ;)


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Hey Annie..I am sorry I didnt see your post. I have been gone the last few days at my daughters. I hope those bloom for you this year. I would think they should. No, none of my willows made it. They all looked good all last summer, but they didnt survive the winter. If you do anymore, I would love to try a trade again. I have scads of baby big pink iris if you need any. No knonw name..A gift from another fellow gardener few years ago. I am glad the pussy willow made it for you. The rose of sharon was my moms memory and my willow orignally came from my dads funeral arrangments so it is in memory of my dad.

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Just received this from a Journalist friend of mine of Berkley, Calif.:

Jane Stillwater

quote: "I am assuming that you do know that the oil spill in the Gulf could be worse than anything even the most fiendish terrorists could ever have done to us, right?

I just read somewhere that there are billions of teeny-tiny little crustaceans in our oceans and they are using all that excess carbon dioxide in sea water (which would otherwise be harmful to us) to build their sweet little teeny-tiny shells. And if they didn't build these shells, there would be too much carbon dioxide in the oceans, it would be released into the air and we would all die. So if the oil spill kills off all these cute little guys in the same way that it is now killing off dolphins and turtles, we will be doomed.

To quote Wilbur the talking pig, "I don't wanna die!" - end quote
NOTE: Jane has repeatedly for the past ten years gone to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan, Israel and throughout the Middle East and places in Africa where there is fighting and terrorist activity. She gets embedded as a journalist with the Marines and goes where they go, lives where they live and eats what they eat. She is a free-lance writer. She has written books. She also went to the Katrina hit areas and many other places where it is not safe to go and always at her own expenses, needing to get people to sponsor her. Somehow she does. That is one little brave granny lady. She has been on the front lines of war and tragedy. She is a mother and grandmother.

"Imagine a world where EVERY child is wanted, nurtured, protected and loved: World peace in one generation!"

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I watched a program on PBS where the former (I think) CEO of a major oil company said he and the other oil companies had been rattling the cages of Washington since this occurred encouraging them to temporarily suspend a law that requires only American made boats being used. A law that was passed to appease unions. He says there are enough skimmer boats to completely surround the spill they just aren't being used!

I hope I have this story correct. I know I was furious when I heard that there was a possible solution and yet it was ignored.

Now poor New Orleans will be impacted yet again because oil has made its way into Lake Pontchartrain.

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