Heat Impacting Flowering?

jerry_dJuly 19, 2012

Just wondering if the hot summer we are having has any bearing on the lack of flowers on my citrus this year. My plants (calamondin, Meyer Lemon, and Bearss Lime) all look great but are not flowering at all this summer. They are on my balcony again under the same conditions that they have experienced in years past with one exception - it's much hotter on the balcony this summer than in the past. The afternoon temperatures in the sun are over 100F on most days and the overnight temps have often stayed around 80F.

Is this heating preventing my citrus from blooming? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you.


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Here's a picture of my calamondin last winter loaded with fruit.and now out on my balcony without flowers or fruit.

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Here's my calamondin and Meyer lemon, both without flowers and fruit on my balcony.

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i'm not 100% but i dont think the heat will keep citrus from blooming.

reasons for saying that,
1. my meyer has bloomed in the spring and in the fall.
2. this year 2 out of 4 of my mature citrus bloomed.

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Houston, you're right. When I examined my calamondin this morning, I was delighted to find that it is loaded with flower buds... It's right on schedule!


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