Is my Kumquat tree dying?? :(

scuzzynuttyJuly 6, 2010

Hi, I bought a kumquat tree a few months ago, and it was growing pretty good for a bit, but it looks like it's dying now. It has some new growth on it from earlier and you can tell from the lighter colored leaves, but a lot of the branches seem to be drying up and dying and the entire tree is looking a lot more bare than it used to be.

Here's the link to 2 pictures

It's a bit hard to see since there's other plants/trees behind it. But in the close-up picture you can see the ends (well the top 1/3 to 1/2) of the branches are brown and look like they're dead. They snap off too. I've only been watering it about once a week.

Please let me know if this is normal or what I should do to 'revive' the tree. Thank you.

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I think its a "citrus dieback" I had this issue before, i recommend the following:

- cut the brown parts - not all branch

- water thoroughly as washing the soil.

- what i did also sprayed the tree with copper compound such as(copper oxychloride) 2 times 10 days interval

- after 20-30 days spray the tree with Micronutrients that contains (Boron, Copper, and Molybdenum)

hope that help

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Could also be a sign of compacted soil and root rot...If is is also lacking nutrients at the same time, then most likely the roots are severely being stressed..

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Thanks for the replies. So the pictures there of the brown branches is not normal huh? I didn't replant it after I bought it from the store, so does the soil go bad? Should I replant it and and mix some new soil in there? Please advise. I don't want my tree to die :( thanks!

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please make sure that the soil is not too wet when you water , then its important to cut the brown parts and if you can spray with any copper compound.

and i suspect because you did not replant of the size of tree the roots are running around the bottom of pot which make the plant more subject to root diseases.

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Well, i cut the dead parts off and replanted it tonight into a bigger pot. The roots were kind of brittle at the bottom when I took it out, hopefully it'll grow in the new fresh soil.

I think I made a mistake though, I used Miracle Gro (for vegetables & flowers) garden soil and mixed it with palm soil mix (the stuff good for drainage that I guy at the nursery told me to mix 50/50 with regular soil). On the back of the Miracle Gro bag, it says, "not for containers." Is there something in that soil that will kill the tree? I mixed it pretty good with the palm mix. Hopefully I won't do more harm than good to the tree...kind of worried about that now. i didn't see it until after I had re-potted it...

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it'll be ok since you mixed it with the palm soil mix. i use the same MG garden soil for my potted plants. depending on the plant, i mix in anywhere between 25-50% perlite.

if you didnt mix it with something that will provide good drainage, it'll stay too wet and cause root rot.

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Great job with the plan to repot, and cutting off the dead branches....


Your soilless mix will last a very short time..The structure of that mix will hold up for a bit, then revert to compaction again just as soon as your plant starts to thrive, causing another tramatic expereince in it's life, which could kill it next time..Sorry,just being honest.

I would repot just into the Palm mix, mixed with at least 25-50% more perlite if you are determined to use a mix that compacts quickly because of rapidly decomposing fine particles...

Good luck..:-)


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