Help me pick 2 clematis, please :)

greenhavenrdgardenDecember 5, 2011

Hi. I have space for 2 Clem's. They will be in full sun and grown up a 2 separate 9 ft trellis. One would be paired with a Jackmanii Superba and the other with a Julia Correvon. The colors in my gardens run from purple to burgendy with some reds and pinks and white. What would you pick? I live in CT on the 6a/b line. Thanks for any help.

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I have Emilia Plater (blue) paired up with Madame Julia Correvon, the colors look very nice together, Prince Charles (also blue) would work to similar very good effect.

Jackmaii Superba ... how about something like the pink flowered Duchess of Albany or Comtesse de Bouchuard or a white such as Huldine?


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Since you are looking to pair up with type 3 (hard prune) clematis, it's easiest to stick with those. I'll list some of the ones I like a lot and let you look at photos and descriptions and decide the types of combinations you like and that are matched for vigor and size with those you have. My two most favorite are
Ville de Lyon - long bloom time in my garden, and I love both the shape and color pattern of the blossoms with each petal having a rosy center and a darker red edge, and
Venosa Violacea - purple along the petal edges fading to white in the center

Others (in no particular order) that I grow and particularly like:
Emilia Plater
Betty Corning
C. viorna (Brushwood has one with nice pink & cream bells followed by seed heads that look almost metallic in the sun)

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Not sure if you have already decided on what to get, I think Prince Charles would look fantastic with Jackanii Superba.
I have it with Wisley and love the combination.

Maria Cornelia would look good with MJC, you could also sneak a small bell in with them.
They don't take up much room and look really lovely.

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I just did a post and it's not registering so excuse me if this shows up twice. Thank you for taking the time and posting responses. I am looking forward to googling the suggestions! I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond but my little brother passed away d/t cancer complications. He was 30. Needless to say ive been preoccupied. Thanks again and I will let you all know what I decide! Laura.

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Laura, I'm so very sorry to hear of the loss of your brother to cancer, so very sad indeed. Almost ten years have passed since I had lost my sister to cancer, she was only 39 years old and left behind four children including a six year old. Those first few years are the most difficult to endure and plenty of tears will be shed. Time does help to heal us, though of course a void always remains within.

Hug to you ...


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Thank you for the help and condolences on the loss of my brother. I enjoyed looking up your suggestions. As a matter of fact I have ordered 30 clematises for spring delivery from Brushwood. I loved them all!! For the space I asked about I have decided to remove the 2 Clem's I already have there and I am putting in a Villa De Lyon and Huldine on each side
(1 of each on each side, 4 plants altogether) Do you think they will look good together?? This is the front of my house so I'm hoping that they will bloom long enough and look good/balanced.
I ordered most of your suggestions or had them already. This is my 1st year with Clem's and I have 16 planted and 30 more coming. Oh boy! I will use your suggestions while planting the rest around my yard.

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

The colors will look good together but in my garden Huldine is much larger and more aggressive than Ville de Lyon.

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Thank you. I wonder if I should try another one then. I do have 4 obelisks that I need to put Clem's on near theses trellises. Maybe I should put the 2 villa de Lyons on the obelisk and pair another with Huldine. Should I stick with the Jackmanii superba?
Does anyone else think villa de Lyon and Huldine would work paired together??

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I've paired Lyon with Huldine but don't have a pic yet. Here is Huldine with Jackmanii.

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Oh wow!! Thanks for answering!! How does the Huldine /villa combo look? Is the Huldine too big? The Jackmanii looks great too. I am torn. Which should I do? Which blooms longer? I have the Jackmanii Superba in place but bought the replacements. Should I put Villa in a nearby obelisk or stick
with pairing w/Huldine. Please help me decide bc I can't :)

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