clematis STILL won't bloom

posskat(z4-5canada)December 12, 2011

my 2 clematis are planted together, feet in the shade, all the rest, full sun. they have been in this spot going on 8 years. one has bloomed once, and the other, once, on another year. they get adequate water, and have the most beautiful foliage. i use compost every year, and was told to use bone meal, which i did for a year, all to no avail. i assume it must be the nutrients, but can't find any 5-10-10 that was recommended to try....any more suggestions? thank you.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

What clematis names? Have you tried pruning them at all in spring? Get a soil test?

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As Kentstar implied, more information is needed to answer the question.
What are the names of the clematis? (This will help give info on pruning and hardiness.)
Have you pruned them at all and if so when?
What besides bone meal did you use for fertilizer?
I would also recommend a soil test, as it will give you more definitive information on what your clematis might need. I take care to do good soil preparation before planting and then don't fertilize, just top dress with compost. Some types of plants (don't know if clematis is one) grow leaves at the expense of flowers if there is too much nitrogen, so a soil test will tell you about that also. In the US, most states have universities that will do soil tests, but I don't know who in Canada does soil tests. For really good information it's best to get one done rather that do a kit test yourself, as those have varying levels of accuracy.

Also, clematis don't really need shade for their roots (an often repeated myth,) just adequate moisture. I mulch the soil around my clematis (though not against the stems) to help keep moisture levels even as well as watering when we haven't had regular rain.

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