confused meyer lemon

zippity1July 18, 2011

my 11 year old meyer lemon is confused

for all these years, it has bloomed in very early spring here in the suburbs of houston

we had a very cold winter and it made it through, but barely, it had several dead branches and many tips were dead, i pruned it pretty early maybe feb

it produced very few blooms or leaves the first of april i began to water and feed it a little more than usual

the first of july it began blooming and producing many more leaves i'm seeing lots of bees and wasps on the blooms, so i'm guessing it's being pollinated pretty well

the fruit has always been quite large by now, what should i expect from these new blooms and would fruit have time to mature?

should i do anything to it at this time?

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our fall temps are fairly mild. the fruit should be able to get fairly mature before the frost comes. if not you can still use them like limes.

some citrus trees have a tendency to bloom twice. my meyer usually blooms in early spring (feb) and again in early fall (sept).

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