Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus Blooming Question

greenjay(Zone 6)October 5, 2012

Normally I kill these guys...I do not know why ....I can grow and bloom QUITE a bit...but long term care of these guys just seems to elude me haha...and as such, I generally run the other way when I see them offered for sale....BUT....every once in a while i get a moment of whimsy , I suppose, which was the case a few months back when I came across this guy all alone and in a corner of one of my favorite greenhouses to shop at.....I had it on my front porch , where it's basically been ignored, except for watering it once about 2 weeks ago....I'm in the Bflo , NY area, and it's been in the 50's and even the the 40's a once or twice at night....I've been pondering bringing it in, before we get any frost and this morning I notice buds are forming......if I bring it in now, will the buds drop ? I know that it's going to have to come in soon to save the plant ( from the weather, not myself ) I am hoping to break with tradition and actually keep this one alive....I'm just wondering if I'm going to loose the buds by bringing it in or what ...? Any advice ?

ANY advice will be deeply appreciated.....

Many Thanks !


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'd leave it out until nights are regularly dropping into the 40F's.
Nice Thanksgiving Cactus. It looks great.


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greenjay(Zone 6)

Thanks Josh ! I may have to bring it in by Saturday however, as it looks like we're going down into the 30's as early as Sunday ! Ugh !

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They need short days, low temperatures and be slightly pot bound to bloom.

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