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subk3December 9, 2013

A couple years ago I bought what was labeled at a local nursery Comtesse de Bauchaud. I remember it as it was an impulse purchase because my husband and I got engaged in L'ille Bouchard, France at the time I thought the two names were the being 20 years or so!

Anyway, what I have is not single, pinky lavender bloom of the Comtesse, but a very double white. The closest thing I can find to it on a HMF search is Duchess of Edinburgh. Only what I have seems even more double, more frilly/fluffy, almost a pom pom. The nursery wouldn't have carried anything to exotic in its limited selection so it is probably somewhat common.

Any thoughts as to what it might be? Duchess of E? Is doubling a characteristic that can be intensified by growing conditions?

Sorry, I don't have any pictures! I left it mostly alone last year at pruning--just took out a minimal of seemingly dead stuff that interfered with pruning/training the rose it is growing with. I want to identify it so I can do right by it this year.

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NHBabs z4b-5a NH

I don't know what HMF is, but have you looked at Clematis on the Web? I put in "white" for tepal color and "double" under main text and in addition to D of E it came up with several other ones I have heard of (so can't be too rare) that are double white. Since I don't have a photo for comparison, you can look to see if any look familiar. If you search by name, only put in one word since the search engine doesn't work well with several terms in one field.

C. florida var flore-pleno

Also some of the photos of D of E on Clematis on the Web are very full and pom-pom like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clematis on the Web search page

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opheliathornvt zone 5

HMF is Help Me Find. It's a great resource, although I usually use COTW also.;)

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