fruit on young meyers lemon

stevereaJuly 31, 2012

This is my 2nd summer with a meyer lemon in a half wine barrel. It seems to be doing very well overall. It had a bunch of flowers in the spring which set but then the fruits don't grow then they die and fall off. It still has 3 fruits that look like they might make it. I'm guessing that this is maybe normal for such a young plant, but that is my question, is this normal because it is a young plant.

The plant looks really healthy on top but I have noticed a few yellowing leaves on the bottom. I've read they like a lot of nitrogen. Should I stick with a high nitro fertilizer thought out the growing season? I try to stick with the organic fertilizers and have been giving an extract of compost, worm castings, kelp and a high nitro fertilizer like bat or seabird guano once a week, and watering deep twice a week. It's pretty hot here right now. Thanks

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Sounds like you might be overfeeding your tree. The normal citrus NPK ratio is 5-1-3; but the Meyer is a heavy feeder and producer, so something like 6-2-4 is better. It is normal for young trees to drop fruit; 3 on a 2 year old tree is okay; any more than that I would probably advise you to take them off to allow the tree to grow.
One thing I have observed with Meyers is that if you give them too much nitrogen during the bloom period, the tree will often drop the blossoms in favor of growing leaves and branches.

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