Citrus in Mass

dtunesgwJuly 19, 2014

Hi folks,

Just saying hi and showing my lemon tree that I've been growing up in Massachusetts for the last 5 years. My Mother in law bought in at the Ft. Meyers airport as a joke gift while on vacation not expecting it to do much. It was tiny at purchase being thinner than a pencil, however I'm pretty sure it was grafted.

I think it's done pretty well over the years considering my near total lack of citrus knowledge at the outset. Unfortunately it's never flowered in the past 5 years which is a little frustrating, but it's still a cool houseplant for the winter and the leaves smell nice. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will someday bear fruit.

I have no idea what variety it is. The little card that came with it is long gone, however I don't think it said anymore than 'lemon tree" anyway. Hopefully if/when it fruits I can narrow the type down.

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Wow, you should congratulate yourself for growing such a healthy plant.

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Thanks! It's been surprisingly tough and forgiving of neglect over the years. Now if it would only flower I'd be very happy.

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