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PeaceLilySamJuly 26, 2014

So I am anxiously awaiting for my lemon and grapefruit seeds to sprout... What do I do when they sprout? How long until they need transplanting? And what soil, and fertilizer? They will be kept indoors.

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Transplant them to their own cups, use a 5-1-3 NPK fertilizer or something with high nitrogen and all the essential nutrients plants need.
Use the search function at the top of the website and you will find all of this has been thoroughly discussed somewhere on the web.
Lastly, be patient!

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We purchased what was marked as a lemon tree 3 years ago and it is bearing limes, very large limes. The tree is healthy but, the fruit appears dried out and has large amounts of rind around the pulp. I'm posting a photo, thank you in advance for any help with what might be wrong with it. It smells like a lime however, the pulp is not fragrant and lacks much taste in addition to being dried out.

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You may be growing the rootstock from a grafted tree.
Can you post a photo of the complete tree, and one of a leaf? That would help.

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Hey PLSam, this is my grapefruit plant, in Feb. I just threw some seeds in a pot with miracle grow potting mix and extra perlite and left it in a sunny window, they did take a long while to sprout, in late May I decided to put it out side in full sun and it grew like a weed. In the fall I will bring it in and put it under my grow lights. If you have a window that gets full sun yours will do fine, when you plant the seeds only put them 1/4" under the soil, thats what I did, keep the soil moist but not wet and have good drainage, I did put some plastic wrap over the pot for a few weeks and that kept the soil moist. Hope all that info helps. You'll get alot of great advice from wonderful people on this forum.

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Thank you. So.... This is gonna sound dumb... But what is perlite? Where can I get it? And for how much?

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

All my trees are seed grown. Gritty mix or equivalent. Check out link to see what you can expect. These trees are 0 months to 19 months of age depending on picture. All sprouted 1-7-13

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Perlite is like tiny pieces of styrofoam that helps add air to soil and keeps it from getting dense when wet, I cant think of a better way to describe it. It's under $10.00 a bag and goes a long way. I buy mine at Walmart.

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