MY Jade 'Whacking' Update (Pictures)

greennovice(z5ChicagoBurbs)October 9, 2006

Hi there! For the few of you that saw my link just ignore this and look at the pictures if you please, for those of you that missed what happened read on. On the September 11th 2006 I noticed my jade was slumped over. I had just repotted it, and wanted to stand it up. I went to gently bend it back up, and it cracked a bit (wasn't a clean break you can see in the pictures). Anyway, so I let the broken off part sit and callous, and left what was left of the potted plant. And there you have now check out the results.

This is the jade that started it all.

This is what I did to it on 11-Sept-06:

9-18-06, what's that starting?

9-21-06, oh I see what that is

9-29-06 Cool

Oct 9th, 2006: I went to water today and knocked the pot with the water can and the top just popped right off the plant. I hope it will callous up nicely at this spot.

Bonus, I can't take credit for this, but I thought I share.

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Hi GN... Good job! Your Jade should look great and compact within a year. Just be sure to keep it in the absolute brightest spot you can over the winter. The more sun you give it, the more compact it will stay and the more new growth you'll see...

Denise in Omaha

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The part that you knocked off did that probably because it was dead. Your Jade will be fine. Show us the results! I would like to see the thickness of the trunk after a heavy cutting.

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deborahmc52(Z9 Central FL)

Don'tcha just LOVE succulents? I have been anxious about bumping off a few leaves ..or and there, but I usually end up with..more succulents! SO forgiving..I'm happy to say/see..;>) Debbie, a succulent newbie lol

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Here's one of my oldest Jades that was whacked a few years ago. The trunk is about 3" in diameter at the base...

I just brought it in last night (temps down to freezing) and with close inspection, I've found 3 tips with what I think are buds forming!!!!! At long last!

Denise in Omaha

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Awesome Denise! I hope you get those buds, at long last :)
We're having a good cold snap tonight, I'm leaving mine in the window! I still have my fingers crossed for some buds, but this is my first year trying. Congrats! Christy

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Sweet Denise I expect you to keep us updated with pictures! And that really is another nice looking plant, what size pot is it in? 4"?

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No, it's in an 8" pot. The trunk is 3" in diameter, the whole thing about a foot tall and a little more than a foot wide. (I know - it's hard to tell from a photo...) It's way over due to be moved up to a bigger sized pot, but I really don't want it to get a LOT bigger. I can still move it around without too much trouble, but it's a bit of a back-breaker...

Notice the Haworthias growing in the pot with it? I think this just proves that Haworthias can take an awful lot of sun. Those are H. cymbiformis and have been in that pot with the Jade for years, sitting in direct sun all summer long. Granted, the Jade provides a bit of shade during the hottest part of the day, but they get several hours of full sun every day and look great. Here's a closeup of the Haworthias...

Denise in Omaha

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whip1 Zone 5 NE Ohio

I posted an update of my jade pruning in the houseplant forum, then I saw Greennovice did the same. Good pictures!

I've often wondered if you could grow plants as a ground cover with house plants! Those look very Denise!

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