Meyer Lemons not ripening

lizzie1(9)July 9, 2009

First off, I'm a novice gardener, at best. That being said, please let me know if this is normal for a newish tree, or if I need to be doing something.

I bought a little meyer lemon tree late last summer. It's grown like crazy & has tons of fruit ranging in size from 'full-grown' to still blossoms. I got rid of the branches that were not producing anything, but were sprouting up to about 7 or 8 ft. & seemed to be sapping the tree.

Problem is that none the fruit seems to want to ripen. There are about 5-8 lemons on the tree that are easily large enough, but they are all still significantly green.

The tree is in a pot (about 30ish gallons, I think. maybe more) on the south-facing side of the house, so gets LOTS of sun almost all day. I water about once/week (more if it's beastly hot) & have fertilized w/ an organic citrus fertilizer 3x's since purchasing.

I hope this is enough info to go on.

Thanks for any input!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi, No expert, but from my experience its taken almost 9 months or more for me(FL). I'm sure the climate has a lot to do with it. I've read an article that says it can sometimes take up to a year for a Meyer fruit to ripen?

I actually had to move my ML under some Oak trees because it was getting too much sun! I had it sitting on a cement patio and the leaves were getting yellow and I was watering it two times a day, I think it was baking on that patio! Once I moved it under some trees(now it only gets 4-5) hours of morning direct sun. Now the leaves are dark green,its bloomed and fruits of different sizes are on the tree. Not sure if its coincidence or not(but it sure prefers) this shelter from the hot afternoon sun.

Good luck!

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I agree with Puglvr. They take their sweet (sour?) time ripening. 9 months from formation to harvest isn't an exaggeration.

If you get a nice flush of blooms in the early spring, expect a Christmas harvest of those.

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Thanks for the input. I had no idea it could take so long to get ripe once they are full size!! I'll see if I can find a slightly shadier spot on our terrace to put the tree & see if that makes any difference. Again, thanks.

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ginibee(z9bFL Brevard)

My Meyer lemons get huge, so yours are probably not full size yet if you have the same. I know there's a dwarf form, but don't know if the fruit is the same size.


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Same problem. My patio Meyer Lemon had two ripened fruit already, when bought last Autumn. It appears healthy in its pot and is bearing several good sized fruit which are stubbornly green. One of these has been showing a bright yellow 'spot', about the size of a 50 cent piece, for weeks and hasn't advanced any further: today I picked it and cut it open - lovely yellow flesh, juicy and quite sweet.

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I had the same problem...It turned out to be a dwarf LIME that was mislabeled as a dwarf Meyer lemon!.. quite disappointing.

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BarbJP CA 15-16/9B

Darn, mis-labeled fruit trees are frustrating!

But just fyi, limes turn yellow also when fully ripe, they are still pale green inside, but the skin will be yellow.

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