Sunburned and Re potted

jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)July 14, 2011

I recently re potted this tree and now have it in the gritty mix. So far it seems to be doing O.K.

It's been almost 2 weeks, and I only lost 2 leaves.

I have it under my patio in as much shade as possible, the temps here in Tucson, have been 105+ with a little drop this week.

I know right now is not the ideal time to re pot, especially bare root like I had to do, but the poor thing was in just a tall narrow pot, not sure what to call it.

So far I'm really happy with it and watching for new growth.

The poor thing was in horrible soil, it came from Wal mart this spring.

I do think it suffered some sunburn though, it happened suddenly about a bit ago, right before I did the re pot. it was HOT! And 2 more had the same thing happen in the same week.

I have 3 more to do now.

Please excuse the mess on the patio, I didn't think to clean up before taking the pics. lol.

Here's the soil it was in.. It looks like peat and sand.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

its in good hand now and should recover soon. We have been having 100 degrees plus and mine are showing some stress from it also.

what kind is it?


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Mike,
Thank you. :-)

This one is my Valencia orange. I also have a Meyer Lemon , and a pink Variegated Lemon, and a Washington Navel orange that need re potted.

The Meyer and Variegated are in their original soils I got them in. Horrible! and the Washington is in a mess I threw together from the yard. Before I learned of better ways. ;-)
Funny thing is, it's doing better than the ones still in the soils they came in. But, it will still be moved into a gritty mix, because I know it can do better than it is.

My Washington and Mandarin(in ground) are getting way more sun than the ones that have burned, so I know it's due to the size of container and soil they are in, which is mostly peat.

I know Meyer Mike is anxious for me to get my tree's into the gritty mix, so he better stop in here soon to take a look. lol! Him and his amazing tree's are what encouraged me to try containers. If he can do it in his climate on his schedule, which is non stop! than anyone can. ;-)

It took me awhile to find the right ingredients, but with some help and a lot of patience on Josh's part :-), I'm going to be trying some mixes with pumice. :-)

And Josh,
I still haven't braved the pink yet, but will soon, it's killing me to see her in horrible soil!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Good morning, JoJo (hey, Mike!)

I haven't braved the variegated Lemon, either! Ha!
It's been growing so consistently that I haven't wanted to interrupt the cycle. A whole new flush
is happening now. I have the container and the mix prepared...I just haven't done it ;-)

It's been my pleasure, JoJo. We're lucky to have access to pumice out here in the West.
In your climate, I guess we'll really put the pumice to the test?

JoJo, are you shading the containers, too? Cooler soils are better for growing roots....


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Wow Jojo! I am so proud of you! I still have not lost appreciation for the fact you once had NO citrus and we kept encouraging you to get some, and now look. I am so thrilled.

Look at that peat garbage. Thank goodness you took your plants out of that. I am so happy you followed your heart and did all you could to provide a much higher quality mix with all the excitement behind it. I am so thrilled you are a big part of these forums now too. It is people like you that I look forward to spending time here with. It is also people like you that seem to never run out of appreciation for everyone that has a hand in your success. I am blessed to know you and everyone else who has posted on your thread thus far.
Thanks for your kind words too.

Josh has been instrumental as well and I will tell you that he has also hooked me up with some beautiful red pumice. Thank you so much Josh. You are a blessing to know too in many ways here.

Jojo, I am so excited to even see the citrus you have picked out. I have seen them, in particular the variegated one, and of course except the sun burn on which can easily be controlled, your trees look great and will continue to do so as long as you stick with us and keep applying all the knowledge and science in what makes these plants tick just right:-)

Jojo, if you can pick up a shade cloth or insect screen and hover these over your trees, the sun will be a lot less intense and force your trees to turn very green, since they don't require all day hot direct sun to perform well. You have everything else just right thus far.

Hello Mike: It is good to see you too!


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redshirtcat(6a MO StL)

Hey Jojo. I had an orange tree that looked just like that earlier in the season (Washington Navel). Was yours in a black pot? Was it on a brick patio or another surface that gets very hot? Was it with all of the others or off by itself?

I ask because I'm trying to figure out how exactly I burned mine. I had it in a black pot, in bad soil, and on a brick patio. It's now in the gritty and I moved it over with the others... but I'm still wondering what, exactly, burned it before..

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Something else to keep an eye out for is reflected light from windows or reflective surfaces.
I was baffled by some burns on a few leaves on some other plants, then I noticed a strong reflection
that traveled over the plants during a certain period in the day.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Everyone!

My buddies showed up. ;-)

I don't blame you! If she's growing strong, I'd leave it alone too! Mine hasn't gotten any new growth since the spring when I got it. Right now it just looks hot, tired and beat up by wind. :-( It's getting a few buds here and there but dropping the baby lemons. I think the soil it's in is so horrible, it's not holding any nutrients.

I'm going to get it re potted this weekend while I have hubby around to help hold it. I have one lemon on it, golf ball size! I'm excited about that!

Yes, I think in my climate it will be put to a big test!

Hi Mike! :-)
Yes, it's garbage alright! Even though were so hot, I just couldn't stand to leave them in it any longer!

I need to get my glasses and take a close look, there may be new growth on the tree pictured here! Maybe I can start to move it out to the yard slowly and out of the shade now!

Oh, I'm always here, just don't post much Mike. ;-)
True, I never run out of appreciation for those who help me! :-) I'm blessed to know many here too. :-)

Josh is quite the instigator, isn't he. LOL...

Pumice, peppers, what next? ;-)
I want to look for some colored pumice too!

Hi RedshirtCat~
I think the reasons you stated are exactly what happened to our tree's! I will try and get some photo's later this evening to show what my other tree's look like.

Mine that burned are in black pots, now they were sitting in a terra cotta so they didn't tip, but still, the tops would heat up. BAD soil, And on a patio! My tree's out in the yard have no burn.

Good point about the light! I have some plants under a south facing window, out side that are not doing well since the temps got in the 100's, but the same type of plant out in the yard does o.k.

I hope you all have a great day! And I'll be back later with some pictures!

Hopefully we can help/spare others of burn from this thread!


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hi Everyone!
I'm sorry I didn't get back here sooner. Life's been a little unorganized lately.

So here's some new pictures.

I'm seeing a tiny bit of new growth on my tree pictured above, so I'm real excited about that! It's on the sucker branch, but still a good sign. ;-) I'm pretty sure there's some on the top of the tree too, but it will need to grow some before I can get a good pic. Me and the macro setting don't always see eye to eye, and it takes all day to get a good picture. lol..

The poor thing has a long way to go to looking nice though and needs a bath! LOL!

Redshirtcat~~ here are some of the other pictures I said I would take.
They show the ones near and on the patio that have burns, but the ones out in the yard don't. So like you, I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

Here's the pot this tree was in, and I still have one more to do.. It's tall and narrow, I don't know what it's called, but if anyone else has these, don't leave tree's in them for long, especially in the summer!

And even though it's in a terra cottoa for support, it still burned, I guess combo of small black pot and patio. It was shaded from late day sun, but it wasn't enough.

Leaves have curled! It's top job today to get it out of this pot!

Here's my Pink Variegated Eureka~ Just a few feet away, but it's a gravel yard. The side closest to the patio is burned the worst. Still in the garbage soil it came with didn't help matters any.

Not the best pic. but here's the soil it's in.

Here's top , side away from patio

Here's one in the ground, with a well to remove gravel from under neath, and it's doing well..

And this one in the tub.. No burns, but does need fed. lol.. So all in all I agree that the heat from the gravel yard and patio have been the cause of most of the damage.

It does have a few bad leaves, but they are more from not watering it. It's on the far side of the drive way and gets forgotten at times when hubby's truck is there blocking it from view.


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You and the Macro thing!!lololo

Dang since I just got a call that someone will be right over I only have time for two questions and to throw my clothes on my good friend!

Just how MANY citrus do you have? Did you sneak a few past me?lol

That new growth on the sucker branch, is that below the graft line?

Ok, I will be back for more conversation and fun. By the way, did I tell you that your plants around the poor sunburned leaves are just so beautiful? I love them all and what you are doing to help them get their feet in a much better environment! Oh, I will be back sooner than you think...:-)
I have yet to give you a few ideas...

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Good morning, JoJo!
We're back up to 100F out here, and it feels it!

Mike, I think JoJo has been growing citrus for a few years... ;-)
I think she had oranges or something before we met her.

Well now we know mainly what the problem is....small pots and too much heat/sun.
Those roots are cooking! I'm not sure how they'll react to having roots disturbed, though.

As Mike mentioned, if that new growth is below the graft, rub it off the trunk.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Mike, Josh! Hi Guys!
Good to see you. :-)

Yes, the branch getting new growth is below the graft line. But don't worry, I know to remove them. I'm letting it grow a little more then I will remove it and root it for a caterpillar host tree next season. ;-)

I have 5. and no I didn't sneak any past you. lol..

As Josh mentioned, I have a orange tree that I got long before joining GW. I had 3 and 2 died right away. The one in the blue tub is 3 yrs old now, and as you can see it's not growing! It's in a mix of soils from the yard! Needs re done with a gritty mix. ;-)

Now since meeting you, Josh and Al.. I decided to give another try to tree's in containers, so this past spring I got 4 tree's. ;-)

Warm here too and storms moving in this weekend, so humidity is picking up!

The heat from the patio is taking it's toll. I had them up close to the house to remember to water, due to the mess they are growing in! and storms kept blowing them over.

Summers been nuts and I'm not happy with not having gotten them done sooner, but not much I can do about it. :-)

I think they will be O.K. to bare root, the one up top of the thread was and it only lost 1 leaf. I kept it in shade, watered well, and soaked the pot from time to time, being terra cotta, I didn't want it wicking water away from the tree. I really had no choice, the garbage soil just fell away when I took it out of that tall pot.

They will be going over along the driveway, and be in dappled shade of our Palo Verde tree, and a little shaded from the setting sun too. I think it will be a good spot for them!!

Plus we want to develop a screen between us and the neighbors.


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Well then. my memory must of escaped

I must say and am thrilled that you have 5, count them, 5 trees to your name. I am also thrilled to think that now we all have a favorite tree in common, especially love the fragrance of them when held up indoors! Hey, how about 20 more to catch up with me?lol

Sometimes when one is in bloom, I will carry the pot inside into the living room and set it right where I sit to watch TV. I find being surrounded by a tree a very pleasurable experience! I also put one on my night table before retiring.

I noticed that horrid soil. I just can't understand why anyone would sell trees to unsuspecting consumers who have no idea what it's going to do to their trees in such a short period of time? Wait, I'll bet our dear friend Jodik would know.

Jojo. I am always complaining that I don't have much full sunny areas in my yard and in fact wish my neighbors would pull a few trees down to allow more sun in. How much shady areas do you have? I bet you wish you had just a bit more to protect even more trees, no?
I must say you are doing a great job with all that sun, trying to keep them protected. At least you are aware of the possible issues when I know many just ignore them.

Storms? I can't imagine what that is like either. It doesn't rain there for weeks and then all of sudden, like a bomb they must go off building all that energy.
What do you do when the winds come in?
Is there any way you could partially bury your plants to anchor them down more?

I love that variegated one along with Josh's! I also have one but never noticed it had a fragrance without blooms. I shall have to be more in tuned with that. I just love these trees because they are so colorful with just leaves.
Yours is very nice along with all the others.

Well, it is starting to rain here and it's very muggy! It is also 80. I think my trees are in store for some good ole naturally perfect pH rain with a bit of humidity thrown in there. I think they love this weather better than I

Mom says HUGS to you!

Hey Josh: I hope your well and had time to fertilize today! TTYL


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Haha, hey guys! Yep, Fertilizer Friday!
Time to get moving.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Hey Mike,
We'll allow for an escape of memory once in awhile. lol...

I have Improved Meyer, And the Pink Variegated, lemons. Then I have , A Valencia , Mandarin, and Navel Oranges.

I would like one more Lemon to keep small and bring in when blooming. :-)

No, I don't have room for as many as you have! LOL! Too many other things around here!

Also have 3 guava's in 5 gal. pots, A fig tree, pomegranate,
And plans for a few more fruits this fall!

Not to mention, my 4 garden beds! And the back yard is maxed out with a pool! ;-) And 2 planter boxes for C & S.

The scary part of the horrid soil, that the pink is in is it's a Monrovia tree!

Not a lot of shade here. :-) But I don't mind, really. Citrus actually does pretty good here in the sun once it's a little older and stronger. They do need protected from the occasional freeze. I've been gardening for 30 yrs. now, so I pretty much know what to expect from our sun. ;-) Just didn't think about these guys over the patio. lol.

Oh, with the winds, just protect them as best I can and hope they don't blow over. The wind is alot of why I'm switching to Terra Cotta. The extra weight helps! And having gritty mix will too.

It was still 80 here last night at 9pm! LOL!

Humid today and rain expected this weekend.

Did you sleep in? LOL! I had everyone fed, and got Jace's back to school shopping done by 11 am. lol...

I hope you guys have a great evening!

Hugs and love to MoM!


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Wow, now that is a nice bunch of citrus! I have thrilled to think that you have this many and love them as much as we do. For me, it's the more the merrier!lol
This way, whenever one is out of bloom, there is always one waiting in the wing to replace that one.
Right now I have several just about to flower again, some in fruit, and some in new leaf growth.
They are all ok considering I have been incapacitated. My niece has been over to fertilize once a week to keep them ok. I wish I could feed them more though.

Have you ever gotten any fruits on any of your trees? Any of the fruit trees?
You should see my fig trees. They are loaded with fruit, but around these parts, NOTHING stay out in HOT sun long enough to ripen or mature. I hope they do.

It is good to see that your trees do ok in that kind of heat. For some reason, as soon as the temps rise into the 90's, my respond terribly. They slow down in growth and actually start to turn yellow. I am so happy that we don't get that kind of weather too often. They are loving the warm days and cool nights lately.

If you do have shade, what provides it? having a pool sounds about good right about now. Lucky you! You need one of those to survive out there. Does teh pooch ever get to swim in there?

80 at 9pm? That is crazy! I don't think we stay that warm during our heat waves. We at least go down into the 70's.

Enjoy your day dear friend and MOM sends you a hug right back. She says to make sure you drink your water.


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