Growing Moss in Tropical Climate (Singapore)

CKTeeJanuary 29, 2011

Hi all,

I am amazed by all the beautiful garden, wall and rook that is covered with Mosses shown in the website. Has anyone tried propagating them in a Tropical Climate. Over in Singapore, we can only find them growing on trees and drains.

How can we speed up their growth and any recommendation on the species that can grow over? Can the species like Hair cap or cushion moss survive?

Thank you!!

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Hi CKTee,
There are many mosses that grow in your area. Many are being grown as semi-aquatic plants. And many can be purchased at various aquarium centers in the Singapore area.
You should check the Green Culture Singapore forum as they have a Moss forum under Foliage Plants.
Hair cap does grow in the area. The cushion moss is a different species from the North American species and is called White Moss.

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