Why is this cactus turning yellow???

mikeinla1October 6, 2008

I bought this cactus at a garage sale about 2 months ago and it was green. It is now turning yellow. I live in Los Angeles so it is getting enough sun. I water it every two weeks.



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Hi Mike.Yellowing of (Cactus)plants can have several causes.Sudden exposure to strong sunshine if the plant was previously in a shady spot.Mineral deficiency due to exhausted soil.Alcaline water (too much lime).
If I were you I should place the cactus in a slightly less sunny spot and soak the pot in a bucket of (soft) water to wich you should add cactus fertiliser (geranium fertiliser works too).Your plant should plump up after a couple of days and take on a darker green colour.
PS Make sure your plant is well rooted;not freshly potted-up cuttings. Good luck. T.

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