Moss Identification

twa_112830January 30, 2010


I took some pictures at near by county park. I am not expert in this category. Can anyone help me identifying them?





I know some of them are moss but some of them might not. I am writing a webpage (link below) about the pictures taken but I want to make sure the information is correct.



Here is a link that might be useful: My olympus photo gallery - need some help with the picture taken. Please scroll all the way down.

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Moss 1 is probably Atrichum selwynii and Moss 3 is probabaly the same species or another one of Atrichum.
Moss 2 is probably a Brachythecium species.
To see my images of similar mosses
Click Here

and click on the links under Albums on the left

The lichen is probably a Menegazzia species.
Click here to see one

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