Propeller Plant - show me yours!

lme5573October 6, 2012

Last week I bought a crassula falcata "Propeller Plant" in a 3.5" pot. I thought I was getting a plant that would be more of a short pinwheel, but on checking the internet, I found that it will be at least 12" tall. I have a sunny porch with southern exposure, and I think it will do well there in the summer. But for now I need to get it through the winter.

I tried to water it, but the soil is so dry the water ran right out. So I plan to remove the soil from the roots, wash away all the bad dirt and repot in a gritty mix.

I've done a search on GW and have seen Propeller Plants that are in hanging pots, and some that are upright.

So I have several questions - What should I expect - upright or pendant, and how big a pot should I use? Is it a fast grower?

I ask about the pot, because it makes a difference if it's going to be hung or not.

Here's a link the the article I thought was most helpful - it's from the Columbus Garden Society, and I live in Michigan. Their thoughts about over-wintering were very helpful.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Here is a link that might be useful: Columbus Cactus Club - Crassula falcata

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

My plant flopped over as it approached flowering size. It did not form side shoots. I think I accidentally thumbed a tiny sprout off last fall. It was grown in partshade mostly. This year I gave it more sun. I am more cautious with full sun after frying many a full sun plant in the Texas sun. I think the full sun fried any new growth of small rosettes so I am thinking of pulling it back from the full sun position again. This is my first so I am somewhat a newbie. I have never seen many of them so I can't use observations as a way of garnering knowledge. I clipped off the flower stalk and I see some action happening at its base. is that one plant or a grouping of separate rosettes. This plant has given me a lot of enjoyment through the last couple of years.

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Thanks for sharing your pictures, wantonomara. I have 7 or 8 rosettes growing in a 3.5" pot. Two of them are pretty small and may be attached, but I won't know until I get them out of that pot. I have a clay pot that is about 6" across and is shaped like the pot in your last picture, and I think that's the one I'll use.

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