small fruit falling off

ericksenscottJuly 7, 2012

Im concerned,i just transplanted a 15 gal wash navel not problem tree had lots of fruit when purchased now all the smaller fruit are dying and falling off..should i be concerned????? second its has been a month now since i planted and have no new growth,i am really

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

It takes a little time to see growth after planting in ground. Also, Citrus are known to drop alot of small fruit. I have read that Washingtons can drop over %90 of its small fruit but I could be wrong. Without seeing your tree and only going off of what you wrote, I would suggest giving it time.

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probably has transplant shock.

as long as the leaves are healthy, it'll be ok. you'll have to wait till next year for fruit.

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I have a Meyer Lemon that I am growing in a container. Our temperatures exceeded 100 degrees for a solid week this past week, and the leaves were droopy. So I took it out of the direct sun (east exposure) and put it in a south exposure - but a little more indirect in the sunroom. I gave it extra water, (water ran into the container cup) and although the leaves perked up, about 6 of the 10 lemons (about the size of my pointer finger nail) have dropped off, and it looks like more could do so as well. Did the temps do it, or the over watering? It all happened within a 2 day period. The plant, which was blooming at purchase, produced the fruit, and I re-potted, fertilized before the fruit was setting. I really want this to work, but am wondering what I'm doing wrong before I kill the thing.

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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

My Washington flowered heavy last year and this year. Last year the ground was littered with tiny green fruit and only two (2) stayed on the tree until maturity. Boy were they sweet. This year was a bit different. Lots of flowers but all the fruit fell off. Its only a 2 year old tree though.

Now my 2 year old mandarin has lost probably %98 of all its fruit this year. There are right now about 10 nice sized fruits just now starting to turn orange on the bottom of the tree. Also, at the top (this tree works from the bottom up) there are still a ton of small fruits that are forming and falling. I just put it in the ground a month ago. Its normal for some fruit to drop and for a newly transplanted tree to show signs of shock.

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