Maidenhair fern rescue

jnmrzJanuary 10, 2010

All of a sudden my maidenhair fern is dying. I think it needs repotting, but first I want to know what I can do for its immediate rescue. I've removed all of the dead fronds and thought of putting a plastic bag over it to up the humidity (lack of humidity is the biggest problem in my house). I have pebble trays but I don't really think they work. I've also put a gallon jug of water in the sun, poked some holes for evaporation. I haven't seen any pests on the fern. I really want to save this plant! Help please.


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fireflyintexas(z8 TX)

I believe it is going into a dormant state. I have maidenhair fern that is growing wild on my property (I live on a river) so there is the humidity, and my zone is 8b, and I notice that in the winter this beautiful fern gets alot of dead fronds on it and looks pretty beat up, but come spring, the baby new fronds start peeking out. Since yours is in a pot, I would say slipping the pot into a large plastic bag, leaving it open, will keep the moisture level up high enough, but not enough to rot the crown of the fern. Of course, this fern likes it semi-shady to shady, so I wouldn't be leaving it in a sunny window.
Good luck to you!

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