Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant)

Dzitmoidonc(6)January 4, 2013

Hello all. I'm not usually on this forum, but am starting to plant ferns. So far I have 3 species, including Fiddleheads (Matteucia struthiopteris). I recently bought Deer Fern and wonder if they need to be planted where the deer don't go. In other words, are these ferns a magnet for deer? Will planting them along the paths that deer travel make a salad for the deer and a heartache for me? I have them wintering in the mulch pile until the ground thaws and want them to have the best chance at growing.

Anybody have experience with them? (The fern, not the #$%^$@# deer.)

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How about doing a search with Bing or Google? I think you will find the answers you are looking for there. This isn't a very active forum, as you can see.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I don't know if they would draw deer into your garden, but if you have deer already present, they will browse on these. Certainly not one of the 'deer proof' plants, if there even is such a thing :)

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Thanks for the replies. Eah, I did some checks, did not find anything about their namesake animal. I know this is a somnolent forum, but I figured somebody like morz8 would come along and give some real world experience.

Ferns are about the only thing left in some Pa. state forests because of the browsing, so when I bought this I thought the name might (hopeful thoughts) indicate that it was one thing deer might avoid. Guess I'll plant it under the edge of the Cypress where the deer don't go.

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