Please Help, Sick Staghorn?

snookwhalerJanuary 25, 2013

I have attached a picture of the problem. This plant was doing fine and was thriving the first few months it was in the basket. It is still putting out new leaves fairly rapidly. However, there are brown and black "blotches" all over some of the leaves. The affected leaves eventually die, turn brown and fall off the plant. It almost looks like mold.

The shields were set on top of spag. moss in a medium sized basket. I was watering it occasionally and read about problems due to over-watering. It has not been watered with a hose in over a month now. But, it has been raining pretty regularly (unusual for this time of year).

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

While I've seen them grown this way I've had MUCH better luck growing them verticly attack to a piece of hardwood. How cool have your temps been??. While I've found they tolerate down to freeze they don't like it!! lol gary

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I agree with Gary, they grow better on a vertical surface, as they are found in nature, on tree trunks or vertical rock surfaces. The sphagnum is probably retaining too much water which with the cold temperatures it upsetting it. They prefer it a bit drier during the cold season.

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