Looking for the right ferns for zone 6 landscaping

andyandy(6bMI)January 28, 2007

I plan on re-doing my landscaping in the spring. I love the tropical look and am an avid member of the palm forum. I am looking for suggestions on ferns that would come back each spring and do well in a north facing location. They would get little to no direct sun except for maybe some in the morning. I'm also wondering if the type suggested are ones that I could order spores from now and start indoors in pots. I live just outside of Detroit and have a clayish soil (not a lot of clay but no sand). I apprecaite any suggestions.

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There are many hardy ferns to choose from. These are the ones that you can plant in your garden as perennials. Of course ostrich fern is one that would do well (even too well) and grow large and tropical looking. Often nurseries (like Home Depot) sell hardy ferns in quart and gallon pots, a much faster solution that starting from spores.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardy Ferns

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Thank you for the information and the website.

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autumnmoon(6a/se ks)

Try some christmas ferns for evergreen foliage in the winter time (if they're not covered by snow like mine are right now!)Check out dixie wood fern (also evergreen) and sensitive ferns as well. You could also look into getting some butterbur for that spot too, it definately looks tropical. I know it can withstand clay, as that is what i have, but it does require regular watering.
Good luck!

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