types of moss?

compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)January 21, 2006

This may sound stupid to those who know their mosses but:

I have one kind of moss growing in my clay yard and two others in the black mucky peat area the other side of woods edge.

The one in the woods reminds me of the dried spagnum moss I used to buy in the stores. The soil seams to be like the moist "Michigan peat" friends downstate buy for the garden.

Anyone got a good link to see spagnum moss as it grows or other mosses of mucky black wetish areas?

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Here are two links:
I do not know if they are still active. If not let me
I am at
Moss images:


I grow sphagnum but I do not remember offhand if I have
any images. I can image them tomorrow and email it to you.

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Compost Hugger Nancy and Terrestial Man,

I found your posts after I posted about finding sphagnum moss in Arkansas. Mine looks exactly like the compact variety in the SIU photos. The moss from the bog at the plant nursery, about 6 miles from my house, is long and has old light brown coloration 5 or 6" down from the green rosettes whereas the moss I found today along a spring in the woods across the road from my house grows tight against the sand banks of the spring and looks like thousands of green roses.


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i do not have too much knowledge on the types of mosses but currently involoved in a project to study how weathering is caused by moss.So just wanted to know if you could help me know as to what are the moss types that are most likely to grow in and around London,UK.Also how much light and rain would they require to grow....
Thank you

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England has a well established Bryological Society and there is a good deal of information there on the mosses of that area. Check the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: British Bryological Society

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