First tea of May :)

lavender_lass(4b)May 5, 2011

It's finally May, the weather is much better and flowers are finally blooming. What's in your garden? Any pictures?

Today, I'm going to be moving plants, but I will stop for a nice cup of Earl Grey tea and maybe an English muffin. It's too cool to drink tea outside, but I will be using my favorite mug and then back out to gardening.

Have a lovely Thursday and enjoy your tea :)

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Glad you have kept your sunny attitude despite recent "events", Lass. And that's all I'll say about that. (wink)

I had some Yorkshire Gold tea in the library around 2pm, with a piece of my birthday cake...well, actually that's the second piece on the plate. ha

I finished mowing this morning and had to wear a light jacket despite some sunshine. The temp is very cool and now the wind has picked up. No planting or moving plants about yet, but I do need to get some Peruvian Daffodils bulbs into the ground soon. The lilacs are all blooming and smell wonderful, every time I walk by I think about picking a bouquet but don't have my shears with me.

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Happy Birthday! It's a beautiful cake...with pink and green on white...was there a garden theme?

Your daffodils are so pretty (saw your pictures on the Discussions forum) and that one with the peach center is beautiful! My lilacs are just starting to bud out, no little 'grapes' yet...what my niece thinks the flower buds look like.

Recent events (LOL) yes, well, that's what happens when you stand up for yourself over there...but nothing I can't handle :)

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Happy B-Day! I am on a balanced diet too!(A piece for each hip!)

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You got the right idea calamity! Thanks for the birthday greeting. Hard to believe I'll be sixty in two more years. Ugh. If there was any cake left, I'd have a couple more pieces. :(

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