Urgent! where to buy fern spores!

walkingfern(5)January 11, 2006


When teaching a basic gardening class, I've always included a spore sowing project. If I hadn't collected enough, I'd order Onoclea sproes through Prairie Moon. Problem is that they no longer carry any spores. Class is in 2 weeks. Anyone know where I can buy some? Thank you!

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You can get a variety of fern spores through the American Fern Society, www.amerfernsoc.org. I don't know if they have Onoclea offhand, but seems likely.

Patrick Alexander

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Try this seedhouse. Gardens north. If I did this right (always questionable) it should take you right to the fern section.
It's a Canadian company, though, and Onoclea was not among their offerings. You might ask, though. They might have it, but it eluded their 2006 catalogue.

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Hi, I've just started selling fern spore from my site. I only have 4 rare Taiwan tree fern species so far, but hope to have a sizable list of species by the end of the year.
The species I have spore from right now are:
Cyathea fenicis
Cyathea lepifera
Cyathea podophylla
Cyathea spinulosa

We have details and pictures linked from the shop listings from the link below.
Trebrown Nurseries

Here is a link that might be useful: Trebrown nurseries - Tree Fern & other Fern Spore

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Just saw this posting. I found spores on ebay...fairly cheap, but shipping charges were high for something so light weight.

I wanted natives, but there were many species available when I bought these last November. We are having our planting workshop this coming week, so I will soon get to see if I wasted my money or not.

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This might not be the right season for ferns to sporulate. That might be why you can't find them. I looked at some of my ferns and none have spore capsules on them.

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