polypodium aureum mandianum in florida?

paulope(z10FL)January 13, 2009

Does anyone know of any nurseries that carry the Bear's Paw type ferns such as polypodium aureum mandianum or crested/crisped blue bear's paw fern and its relative the phlebodium ekstrandii) in Florida (preferably from South Florida which is where I'm at; if in Homestead even better!)?

I'm thinking there must be some fern nurseries in Florida...is it in Ocala, FL?...which supposedly has many fern nurseries (Fern Capital of the World?).

I saw that fern a year ago in an Orchid show at the Dade County Fairgrounds and the Louisiana orchid/plant grower had just bought it from an "Orlando area nursery" (I'm thinking she may have meant one of the fern nurseries up in Ocala, but I made the mistake of not asking her for specific information regarding that) just as a background plant for her display and she sold out of the two or three large plants she had in the first few minutes after the orchid show opened (unfortunately, I went there late and missed out).

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Not familiar with that species but polypodiums are a definite "WEED in epiphyte plantings . They come up everywhere. You must have evn more in your area??
Have never studied the family so will have to look up the name. had always thought they were native??

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If they are a "weed", then they are a very pretty weed (at least in the case of this variety). It is, by far, to my eye/taste, the prettiest fern I've ever laid eyes on. The fact that it sold in a matter of minutes speaks to its appeal to many people (the Louisiana nursery person continuously got asked about it and she lamented she hadn't bought more since she would've "made a killing" selling many of these).
I think the town in Florida that has the many fern nurseries is actually Apopka, but I haven't been able to find one that actually carries this fern therefore I turn to this forum for help.

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Is this the Fern you are seeking?
It is listed as Phlebodium aureum 'Mandianum' (Lettuce Fern, Golden Polopody, Goldfoot Fern & various other common names)

Checked Agristarts, Apopka, Berneker's, Goulds & Casa Flora, Dallas, TX and didn't find it listed.
Hopefully, someone in FL can provide a local source.

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I've found at least one grower in Apopka: Central Florida Nursery. The problem is that they're a wholesale nursery (I'll find a way around that somehow though). The two owners weren't there (they are attending a professional meeting, TPIA I think is the name, in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, I could not get in touch with them to ask if they could bring a few plants to that show so that I could buy them. My alternate plan is to ask a nursery to buy some for me. I wish there were closer sources since I live in the Miami area. There is one guy on Ebay who sells them and he's based out of northern Florida (I think), but he is selling tiny plants and I'd prefer to get a large specimen like the one I saw at the orchid show last year. Thanks for the effort of looking for me in those nurseries. If I find out other sources, I will post them here.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Gardinos nursery in Palm beach county lists them by the exact name . Seems to be a color or form variety??
Is it a hybrid??
How do they vary from the native??
Like all ferns they seem to have a thousand names lol
I object to them as they pop up in the orchid baskets soon crowding them out. They are very pretty just agressive lol gary

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harrywitmore(Zone7 NC)

I do think the name is Phlebodium aureum mandianum but who knows. It's listed that way in the Fern Growers Manual. This form as well as the standard form come up in my pots constantly. Most of the time taking over the pot. It's very easy to grow from spore but I will be happy to send you both forms after it gets warmer for the cost of shipping.

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I'll have to check Gardino's website (it's too bad since I ordered a few fragrant plants from him and picked them up at the Redlands Festival last weekend). He is still closer than Central Florida Ferns and, can probably get some bigger specimens from them. Don't ask me too many questions about ferns since I haven't really delved into the topic other than inquiring about the name of some cool-looking ones that have attracted my attention (mostly the above and the staghorns...some of the lycopodium ferns are neat-looking too).
I haven't started collecting orchids (only have three), but maybe that will change as soon as some of my trees get bigger and I have the branches to hang them from (as well as having the time to look into these and how to successfully grow them).
Thanks Harrywitmore. I'll get in touch once the weather warms up.

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