Well, I did it!! I started a blog about my knee.

midnightsmum (Z4, ON)May 15, 2010

Well, I started it. It looks like the wrong date on it, as I was in the wrong time zone. lol. If you like, please have a look, and critique me on it. I am an absolute newbie. I used WordPress.com, as it seems quite simple. I am not sure how to put links onto it yet, but I guess I'll get the hang of it.

Thanks, Nancy.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Critique? I don't think so. I really liked it, Nancy; it was informative and humorous, with photos yet!

I'll be tuning in regularly.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Geez Nancy, that's quite a surgery you're going to have. Do you know how long you will be in hospital? I know they have you up and out as soon as they can. Wishing you a speedy recovery and I too will be following your recovery. I think it's great you're sharing this, especially for those who might be looking at the same surgery sometime down the road.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Love the blog! I am so impressed-I would not even know how to begin.

Doesn't seem right that you have been in pain for so long. I get so angry at docs who don't listen-really listen-to their patients. I hope your GP has apologized to you!

By the way, you are still cute...and doggone it, I think we are still pretty young! At least that is what I tell myself when my joints have finally warmed up in the morning so that I can move again without creaking-teehee.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Thanks guys (blush)!! I used wordpress.com, after viewing a tutorial on YouTube. It is a pretty forgiving platform - you can edit endlessly. Easier to post pics on than GW!! I want to add links, when I figure that bit out.
I fired the GP. lol. New one is marginally better, and at least is closer to my track. They have an after-hours clinic which I can hit on the way home from work. I am trying very hard to keep my negative opinion of GP's out of the mix. Having worked for a while with specialists, I really see the difference in the commitment and convictions. 'ists' work 12-24 hours shifts, weekends, nights,etc. My ICU doctors do, for sure. As one says, they throw so much money at us, really, it's crazy, but I see the commitment they put into it. How many of us, having reached the pinnacle of our career, would continue to work these crazy hours??

Cyn - on a funny note - when I did stop into the clinic to get some prescription renewals, I got another doctor, young guy, very impressed with himself. So, he said, you need pain pills - no problems. I could ask you to see your knee, but I guess you just want the prescriptions. He wanted me to valid my choice with him. Phooey! He would be one of those doctors who would say, loose 30 lbs, exercise a little more. My specialist said, it's mechanical, we can fix it. He validated my injury, my pain. I could go on and on. I'll save it for the blog!! Thanks guys.


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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)

I think your new Blog is fantastic!

I hope for a speedy recovery with your future knee surgery.


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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Thanks, Edna!

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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

Very nicely done, Nancy. I left you a comment ;)


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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Thanks Memo!! It is appreciated!!


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Nancy, great start on the Blog. I may be in line for a hip replacement down the road so will be following your experience with great interest.

This blog will be very helpful.


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Nancy, I tore my meniscus some 7 years ago and it was a while before I got to see the knee specialist. I believed I was mismanaged by my regular doctor then or rather his staff at the time. While they did immediately sent my file to the knee surgeon, either they didn't do much follow up or the doctor didn't emphasize enough the state of my knee. It took a rehab doctor to tell me I needed an operation and so with that information I went right back to my doctor and demanded they follow up with the knee surgeon. At that point they gave me the phone no to that clinic and when I made the phone and explained my state, I was seen immediately and they wanted to operate the following weekend. Talk about mismanagement and the further damages it caused my knee. 50 percent of my meniscus is gone. I cannot do any sports anymore as a result.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Hi Ianna - so do you have surgery planned/booked?? If it is just your meniscus, there are things other that total replacement that they can do, such as an injections of some kind of replacement goo. The menisci, btw, are the knee's shock absorbers. Very important. If they could do surgery right away, I suspect it would be laparoscopy. This would sew up the tears, remove any bone chips, and give them a better idea of what is damaged inside. I would deal directly with the surgeons office, and make their admin your new bff. Just my opinion!!


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Hi, I'm new here and am having total knee replacement surgery on 6/23. Any advice?

BYW, Cyn directed me here.

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Hi Nancy,

No worries. My knee was repaired 7 years or so ago. It was the agony of the wait for an appoinment with the surgeon that frustrated me. You see, I also had a baby and had to work and had to commute by train, bus, etc.. if you will. My meniscus is 50 percent gone now. I damaged it far more than I imagined. Yes it was done by laparacoscopy == and I'm sure I will be a candidate for knee replacement down the line. Oh well, it's the way health care is here in Canada.. The long waits to be seen by specialists.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Nancy, how is your knee progressing? Hopefully things are steadily improving and getting around is a little easier now. Still it's a long haul (((Hugs)))


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Nancy and Monablair, how is everything going? I think of you often and like Annette, I am hoping that your recoveries are going smoothly and there is steady improvement to keep you optimistic.


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I had surgery on Weds,6/23 and was home on Saturday morning. I'm able to walk around with my walker and may be transitioned to a cane this week. I don't have a great deal of pain, thank goodness, just discomfort.

I thought I might need help at home, but our daughter left Thursday and I decided to see if I could manage on my own. I pretty much can.

Staples and sutures come out on Tuesday morning. I'm not looking forward to that. Nancy, what was your experience when that was done?

Good news is that I've lost 15 pounds since surgery.

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