Citrus-Tone how often?

ryank817August 5, 2012

I bought a young healthy Key Lime tree earlier this year at Lowe's and potted it in Miracle-Gro Cactus Palm and Citrus soil. It's doing great and has produced a surprising number of blooms. I got some Espoma Citrus-Tone and mixed it into the soil along with a bit of blood meal around the outer edge of the pot's soil to keep the tree healthy as it's fruiting. How often could I fertilize with these two without overdoing it on a young tree? I hear that lime trees are ravenous for soil nutrients and I'm trying to find that balance. Thanks!

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I wish I could say sonething positive about MG soils, but I absolutely detest them! I find that even the cactus/citrus mix is VERY peaty--not a good thing. I do, however, use MG fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants. I did once purchase and use Citrustone but I don't believe it is formulated for containerized Citrus--though I may be confusing this with Palmtone. (Local nursery must have gotten these by mistake as I believe both are formulated for plants growing in the ground.) I woud be very careful if the product does not give directions for containerized usage.

P.S. I love limes, having both a thornless key lime and the Persian. They seem even more robust for me than oranges and lemons for whatever reason. Had the regular key lime but just could not deal with those thorns and I am a cactus lover too.

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I like Espoma Citrus Tone; it is 5-2-6, which is pretty good for citrus. Too pricey for my field lemons, but I sometimes use it for my garden trees, especially when they are young; What I buy definitely has instructions for container plants. I also use it mixed with fertile black soil for seed starting for mangos, mangosteens, stuff like that. I have occasionally burned plants with Citrus Tone by putting too much. Follow the package recommmendations.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The label tells the amount and the frequency.

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