Kumquat leaves turning orange / yellow and dropping

dredd422August 10, 2014

Hello. I'd like some help in identifying what is happening to my potted nagami kumquat tree. Some of the leaves are turning orange / yellow from the veins outwards and dropping off.


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Another picture

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Are you fertilizing it? They're heavy feeders. I use Espoma Citrus Tone.

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The last time I fertilized was around April.

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

Your tee is starving to death.I feed mine once every week with half strength 30-10-10 Miracide. I also fol-liar feed once a day with the same. My citrus are doing very well. My kumquat has problems but it is grown from seed.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

I would suggest using Dyna Gro Foliage Pro liquid fertilizer full strength with every watering, 1/2 strength during the winter, when growth naturally slows. This is better formulated product for citrus that Miracle Gro Miracid. Citrus are not "acid loving" plants, as are camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, blueberries. Citrus actually prefer rather neutral environment (6.5 to 7.0). And, Foliage Pro has a better NPK ratio as well as a full complement of micro nutrients, including Magnesium and Calcium. Also, it's hard to tell, but make sure your kumquat does not have spider mites. Can't tell for sure, but you may also be dealing with a spider mite infestation. They are very tiny, so look for minute webbing and use a magnifying glass underneath the leaves.

Patty S.

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Over watering and or heat stress...

The soil looks very fine and wet to me...What kind of temps is the pot exposed to and is the soil mix porous drying out every other day or so?

If the roots are damaged, over heated, compacted , suffocating or rotting, no fertilizer will correct that plant..

Even if you forgot to fertilize for weeks, it should not look like that.

Yes, check for spider mites as Patty suggested too..I always do a safety check for those.


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natehersco(60712 Z5b IL)

I just received 2 days ago a 6 foot tall Nagami tree from Bright bloom Nursery in South Carolina and 50% of its leaves have the same deep yellow leaves problem.
It also has almost absolutely NO root system at all ! It looks like it has only been foliage fed. Is there anything I can do to salvage this tree from eminent death?
Thanks for any advise


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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

1 tablespoon of sugar to one gallon of water helps trees put on roots faster. No direct sunlight. The tree may reabsorb the nutrients from its leaves and then shed them. When it puts out new leaves it will put out only what it can support. Keep humidity up.

If you start your own thread with this question, you will get many more responses. Many knowledgeable people have grown tired of this thread and won't open it to see your question.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

I don't think that would be the case, Steve. I don't think we're tired of this thread. Ddred, if the roots are non-existent, it is most likely what Mike has deduced - too fine a potting mix, that retains much too much water, and is rotting away the roots. Search this forum for 511 potting mix. Mix up a batch, re-pot, and then water appropriately. Once you see some recovery, start using 1/2 strength Foliage Pro with every watering. Once you see significant flush, you can move to full strength Foliage Pro with every watering. And do check for spider mites. They will attack plants that are in a weakened state, so you may have more than one problem on your hands.

Patty S.

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Thanks for all of the help everyone. I have been fertilizing it; unfortunately, it hasn't shown much improvement.

I did take it to the local nursery, and the man who helped me said, "it has new growth, it's doing fine. These plants shed 30% of their leaves a year." He then proceeded to just pluck all the discolored leaves off. However, a lot of the new growth was before it started going orange.

I'm going to go ahead and add some pictures of a leaf I just clipped off here.

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Closer view of the top.

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Close-up of the bottom

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Man, I would of been quite upset if it were my tree for that price treated that way..

They should of gave you a full refund and told you to keep the tree for the inconvenience...What ever happed to customer service..?
Or, they should of gave you another healthy one.

It looks diseased, but who am I to know..I am not good at that one but I am good at preventing it..Those roots that small tell me it was abused and I pray your good heart and caringness helps it to mend..Good luck and thanks for this update.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

dredd, not sure where you're located - that helps us a lot with regard to pest pressure. For now, this is what I would do - treat for spider mites, and, treat with Imidacloprid to cover all possibilities. I'm not sure what's going on, but it still looks like spider mites to me. Be sure your tree is planted in very well draining potting mix. You can look up the "511" mix here on this forum, it works very well for container citrus that need to be brought inside for the winter. And, I've already suggested fertilizers in a previous post. For spider mites, you'll need to treat several times, they are rather hard to get rid of. So, several applications with an insecticidal soap, under and on top of the leaves. I would apply once a week for 6 weeks. Imidacloprid is much easier - a soil soak once every 6 months.

Patty S.

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Thanks very much, Patty. I live in San Jose, CA - zone 9. I'll try to pick up some Imidacloprid tomorrow.

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Just providing an update here. I used a 10x magnifying glass to inspect the plant, but I didn't really see any insects. I still went ahead and made the oil / soap spray and applied it.

I finally got the ingredients to make the 5-1-1 soil mix. When I moved the pot, there were a whooole lot of ants that started scattering about. Apparently they've made a nice cozy home under my tree. I haven't seen any ants on the tree itself, though.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

The ants are IN the pot, not under the pot. You'll know if you flood your pot. So, if there are ants, I would look for sucking insects, such as aphids or scale. Ants are attracted to those insects as they will farm them for their sweet excretions. Look carefully, and treat accordingly if you see them. Also check for spider mites as well. If you're in California, we've had a time of them, due to the dry hot weather. Again, treat accordingly. Make sure your soil is not staying too wet, either. If so, re-pot and use a less dense potting mix. I use 3 parts MiracleGro Vegetable Soil (that one, not any other), 1 part small bark chips (reptile bark or coarse orchid bark), and 1 part perlite. Works very well for us in warmer, drier climates who have container citrus out all year 'round. Fertilize regularly. I use Osmocote Plus every 6 months (MUST be the "Plus" formulation, nothing else), and Dyna Gro Foliage Pro full strength once a month after watering (never apply fertilizer to dry roots).

Patty S.

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I live in Saigon where it is hot and humid.

I have a kumquat tree in a pot on my balcony which I got at the end of June last year. It arrived in a black plastic sack and looked a bit sorry. I planted it in a largeish pot with fresh compost and it responded by growing loads of new leaves, and after a couple of months it was covered in flowers which filled the balcony with lovely scent. Then came the fruit. About six weeks ago the leaves turned yellow and a few dropped. The leaves have white/grey flecks, which are a leaf coloration and not mites or anything like that. About two weeks ago it started to flower again and now we have what looks like a sick tree with both flowers and fruit on it. I have attached a link to a pic of the leaf coloration (its in my drop box). Can anyone please advise how to make my tree healthy again?

Here is the link in case the URL thingie doesnt work:

Here is a link that might be useful: CIMG1580.jpg

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That's typical spider mite damage. Use a magnifier glass to search for the mites.

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