Novice exploring idea of growing mushrooms, looking for advice

trant(z6 NY)February 23, 2009

I am interested in mushrooms due to health benefits. I hear the typical button mushrooms sold in stores are not healthy at all, that the Japanese varieties are best.

Is it possible though to grow Japanese mushrooms yourself from home basement/cellar?

Just what would I need to grow these muchrooms - temperature/humidity/soil/fertilizer ?

Any help is greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Raintree Nursery, Gurney Catalog, and bunches other (I'd have to go through my catalogs, some have great choices in everything from wooden dowels to put in logs to convenient cardboard box kits... try Catalogs: Miller, Henry Field and Peaceful Valley Organic. They're all online. I'm new to it too but there is a great selection of Mitake, Shitake, Portabello, White Button Mushroom, and some exotics. I'd stay away from Japanese unless it came in a kit... a local Japanese Family recently died (whole family) from eating some mushrooms natural to the US that are poisonous that look just like their native edibles.

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