Dioecious Monadenium

kaktuskrisOctober 7, 2012

I never knew Monadenium was dioecious until the other day, when I noticed the cyathia on one plant looked different from those on another blooming at the same time...Would love to get some seeds from these...


Female plant

Male plant

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Although all my Monadenium* growing is done vicariously, I'm happy for you - let's hope for successful seed setting.

*I just realized that that's how one would say 'my Adenium' in Montreal - by golly, I'm going to get this French palaver down yet.

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Christopher, you can pretty well figure that anything Euphorbic is dioecious; that rule of thumb will be right more often than wrong.

Mon dzieu (how you say it in Montreal-ese), Jeff. I know you have a liscense to butcher Japanese, did you somehow come into the possession of a permit to start on French, such as it is, in Montreal? :)

Just kidding, you make a fine citizen of the world. I went to school with a girl named Mona Theriault. She alone could say truthfully, "Mon nom c'est Mona".

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I didn't know that. Zaboten ga dai suki desu. And the Montrealese is based on just 10 days there - I so want to go back, just not in the winter or the summer.

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Neither did I.

Merci, Jeff. Only one cyathia looks promising at this stage. Francais est facile, in my view, anyway. And Montreal in summer is quite pleasant, by the way, as is Quebec.


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