Conifers/evergrees for near a stream?

diannelmtMarch 27, 2012

My property line is just on the far side of a stream that is lined with deciduous trees. In summer we have plenty of privacy, but in fall when the leaves are gone we can see straight over to my neighbor's house.

I am seeking some type of evergreen that can be planted near a stream bank. I also have a pasture fence on one side of the stream for my horses. A tree with a deep root system that won't blow down on my fence is important too.

Any suggestions?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how low is the stream in relation to the bank ...

what kind of deciduous trees??? as this may be indicative of ambient water ...

trees put their roots where it is advantageous ... and short of planting them in the stream.. or on the bank within feet of the stream .. i dont really see why you would opt for trees that have any certain water requirement ...

will the plants be protected from the horses?? where are you .. what major city..

and what is your soil type ...

so many questions.. so little time


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I'm in zone 6, south central PA, closest major city??? Probably Baltimore? Not really close to many cities, thank heaven.

The trees will go on the far side of the stream. The horses don't really go over there. They could if they really wanted to, which is why fence is necessary, but they typically choose to stay on the pasture side. So the trees would be protected from the horses.

As far as the deciduous trees?? Its mostly maples and oaks.

The stream varies from 4' lower than the bank to nearly level with the bank depending upon what part of the stream. Its about 600 feet of stream on our property.

Soil is mostly clay in this area.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

trees put their roots where it is advantageous ...

==>>> i think the water is irrelevant ... a tree/conifer.. is not going to grow roots down 4 feet to the river to drown themselves ...

otherwise.. what is your pleasure ... size.. shape.. color.. etc ???

what is your soil type ... are we dealing with clay???


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Thuja occidentalis, Pinus strobus, Picea abies, Tsuga canadensis..
These will grow much slower if they are not in a decent amount of sun..


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I'd stick with the native stuff. Eastern Red Cedar works well down here and is rated for Zone 6 also. Isn't White Cedar native up there? Both of these make excellent screen if there is sun available. Your state forestry dept. will probably sell seedlings adapted to your area that you can plant in the spring, perhaps they're still selling them now if you hurry.

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what about a tree form of Chamaecyparis thyoides - possibly Glauca Pendula? might be sorta hard to find though, but I believe Forest Farm out in Oregon carries them.

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