Stink bugs!! :-(

Saorise_2013August 20, 2014

Does anyone know of a good repellant, pesticide, or a home made or store trap that is good at getting rid, or repelling, stink bugs? They are all over and sucking so much out of my citrus trees that they are are killing some of the branches. I go out and squish them but more come. They are fairly new to the area since I saw them for the first time last year but they were not that bad then. I remember reading somewhere that they invaded somewhere from the east and finally made it to the west coast which is why I am now seeing them. :-(

I am sure it is the stink bugs doing this because my fiance lives 30 miles away from me and his citrus are doing well. They are in the same type of dirt, same feeding schedule, have had spider mites and scale in the past and treated with the same pesticide etc.. but he does not have stink bugs where he is at for some reason.

If anyone could give me advice of how to keep these bugs off my trees I would greatly appreciate it since I will soon be extremely busy I wont be home when it is light so there will be no way of me being able to see the little devils so I can kill them unless I go outside with a powerful flashlight late at night and I am sure my neighbors would love that! lol!

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

Grow early crooksneck squash near your citrus trees. The stink bugs will greatly prefer it over the citrus. Use a Dawn soap to water solution of 1 tablespoon per quart of water. You will have to spray this solution on the bugs to kill them. you can probably use Rotenone per instruction on the plant to kill those insects that bite. My trees are filled with spiders that I take the time to feed any insects to to keep them there.


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Thanks Steve I will try that. :-)

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