Help with Moss ID

pcs2008(7)February 12, 2010

Can anyone identify this moss? I have a lot of it on my property (South Carolina) and was wondering if it would do OK in a closed terrarium....



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lycopus(z5 NY)

While there is moss in that image, the thing in the middle looks like a fruticose lichen, possibly a Cladonia sp.

Don't know how it would do in a terrarium. The members of this genus that grow around here tend to like lots of light and many prefer rather dry conditions.

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The moss looks like Leucobryon
See this link for image

It should do well in a closed container if it is kept cool.
I am growing a plant of it in one of those supermarket cake/pie containers that has a plastic base with a plastic dome top. It is outside in mostly a shaded spot with only less than an half hour of sunlight.

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