Staghorns in Coconut shells!

stephanie_kay(5a IL)February 25, 2013

Was out shopping this morning and stop by the garden dept. of my local Meijer's. To my surprise they had staghorns in hanging coconut shells. The way they were planted I would guess it is not too good for them. One did have growth coming from the bottom, through a crack. Wouldn't they retain too much water this way? They were 18.99 each. I thought about getting one but held off to think about it. The one I use to have seem to have shorter, wider leaves.
Anyway just thought I would share.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

There are many species of this fern but MOST commonly seen is bifurcatum, which is what this looks like to me.. have no experience with them as house plants as mine are grown in the yard and shadehouse .
Would think the shell would hold too much water but in a house maybe not?? Would also think the material wouldn't last too long. I use cork or treee fern slabs for those that are moveable others are grown on trees.Also grow elkhorn, ribbon, asplenum this way though all can be grown in a pot. I'm also experimenting with growing them on the outside of porous terracotta pots Too soon to know if this will work lol
WOW 18.99?? They are available here for under 5 bucks!! lol gary

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Thanks Gary,
After I posted here I did find an article about one guy who uses coconut shells for his Staghorns. As they grow out of the shell he replaces it. I have seen the Staghorns for under 10 here in Illinois too, the price is because of the coconut shell.

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Staghorns on coconuts will multiply and eventually overgrow the whole coconut. Provided what it's hanging by doesn't rot or rust and can take the weight, it will just keep growing and multiplying.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Thanks Tropicbreezent, I think if I had a place to over winter it I would get one.

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