Need Moss Identification

pcs2008(7)February 28, 2011

Found this moss growing in the gravel on my driveway. very little, if any soil.

Can anyone identify this?

Any help appreciated..


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My best guess would be a species of Tortula. Its capsules are beaked. It is low growing. It grows in hard situations, such as rocky places.
I could not find any images of immature capsules as your image has. Check the link below for a list of species with images but the few that have capsule are mature or fairly mature capsules.
I could also be quite wrong in the ID. I have seen it before but after looking at hundreds of images of mosses there is no way I can keep mental track of what is what unless I know the moss personally. But if you have the time here is one site that has some images of mosses which I hope is the one that it is located on (?)
Wiscon sin Bryophytes

It might help knowing where you are located: the state.

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA Tortula

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