Need Help to ID this big Citrus

MohammadLawatiAugust 19, 2013

This is some sort of a lemon or grapefruit orangey thing.
Well, it is green from outside out, slightly yellow inside. It tastes like orange juice, yet more watery and without the acidity. It is somewhat bitter like a grapefruit, but not that bitter either. It has so much water inside. Has so much water just seems to be an overgrown sweet lemon verity? We call it Safarjal =P what do you think it is? and where originally it is from? It is widespread in my country by the way and considered one of the crops that are sold.
Here are the Images:

Here is one ripped apart.

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It is slightly sweet by the way
Mixed flavours: Sweet, Bitter, Watery "like a melon", and somewhat slight acidity.

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Looks like a Pomelo, also spelled pummelo, and variations of that.

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