Boston Fern help

heirloomjunkie(5a)February 14, 2010

I just bought a little Boston fern. I repotted it in a decent sized pot with Organic Miracle Grow soil (kind of an oxymoron). I watered it, and have been careful not to overwater it.

It did well until the car ride to work. It spent 20 minutes tops in the cold weather, but seems to be dying now. Fronds are turning purplish and then drying up. I have kept it out of direct sunlight, and am now trying more of a direct sunlight (windowed roof).

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Kim

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donaldb(5B Worcester, MA)

Boston ferns love high humidity. If you can't provide that at home you will need to mist the plant. Please read the info on the link that is provided. I'm personally guessing too much light.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boston Ferns

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Thanks. The tag that came with the plant gave me almost no information. I will see if I can smuggle a water bottle to work and keep it out of the direct light.


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From what my Aunt told me who grows her's very well..She say's,,,

It is dying from poor soil and root rot. They like a soil that is light and stays evenly moist, and the soil your using does not. That soil can kill a plant like this in a few days...Try a more light airy peaty mix or something that drains well, and does not stay "wet" for long.

Also, they do not need humidity to do well. Just about most plants do well with humidity, but this one in, the Boston fern, can do just as well without out. They adjust well. She knows many people that have them growing in their homes locally, and the air here can be very dry all winter. In fact, she has a huge one growing at her office.

As for location, a good diffused light works wonders. You could also set them in an East, West, North window, and they will do fine. The sun in the dead of winter will not harm them either. You have to watch for burning as the sun gets higher in the sky right about this time of year though.

Good luck with it..

Now, I myself, in my opinion, would check the roots and make sure they are not starting to rot.. I always do this with any plant, before I assume it is a different issue. 80% of the time, symptoms in the leaves can always be traced to the roots from bad watering habits, or poor soil mixes..I just aquired one myself, and I hope her advice, along with everyone else's here, will help me grow a beauty too..:-)


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