will tree moss grow on the ground

westover(Portland OR)February 9, 2005

I have a beginner's question. I'm trying to expand a moss patch under a big leaf maple. The squirrels knock clumps of moss off the branches every day, and I'm thinking of sticking them on the bare ground to grow...but will the type of moss that grows on a tree limb also flourish on the ground?

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succulentfreak(N. CA - Z8)

I have very recent experience with this (in the last 2 months) and the tree moss that I peeled off of pruned trees has so far stayed alive on the ground. It was about 25 sq feet of moss from large tree branches and I planted a patch of moss near a running stream. It is still alive! This is a very shady moist location though so this probably helps. I also collected 6 different types of mosses from the property and made a little moss garden in a large pot saucer. I used spaghnum moss as a base for it and found that today it had attached itself to the moss. I spray it every other day to keep it wet. So I think it is possible...good luck.

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ddot(zn1/2 OR)

I have a terrarium with two mosses from Portland in it. Both from fallen tree branches and both are growing on my soil.(I live on the east side so I have to have it in there). The two moss types are Fern Moss (Hylocomium splendens) and Mousetail moss (Isothecium myosuroides)--very common on maples. It will take time to take off though. Good luck!!!

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