help with a fern ID?

paul_(z5 MI)February 7, 2010

This fern was a volunteer in one of my terrariums. Much to my surprise, it has handle the transition from my terr to dry air of my apt (I'm lucky if I can get the humidity up to 30%) incredibly well. The fronds have changed, developing more pinnae/leaflets with each succeeding frond.

The leaves have a grayish/silvery cast to them when the light hits them just right. The petioles are mainly green, the rhizome is covered with a reddish-brown 'fur'

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It looks like a young bear paw fern, to me. It belongs to a large group of ferns (rabbit's foot, kangaroo paw, etc.) that adapt very readily to the typical indoor environment.

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It looks like either Phlebodium aureum or Phlebodium pseudoaureum. Check spore pattern when mature, etc. Both volunter readily in greenhouses.

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