Need Moss ID

pcs2008(7)February 23, 2010

I would like to know what the moss is in this photo. It has red "flowers"...This is great looking moss, but have not seen a lot of it around.

Does anyone know the proper name fr this moss?



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It's a lichen. I think it's called British Soldier

Lichen and Moss

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gardendeb- Looks like it ...THANKS!!

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The moss MAY BE a Dicranium species but not too sure with the image.

The lichen is Cladonia but I am not too sure if it is the one that is called British Soldiers and that is because of the main body of the plant behind the fruiting bodies in your image. Here is a great site with many species of Cladonia imaged.
Cladonia species

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I do love the terrarium you made. I was thinking of making a few myself.


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