help my fern-please!!

mickey3(z8 TX)March 19, 2005

After seeing pictures of different ferns, I believe my FERN is a BOSTON BLUE BELL FERN (something like that)

I bought it in Arizona and it did great inside my house for 2 years.......gorgeous and full........then we moved to Texas and it did great outside for about 1 year but then this winter something terrible starting happening...........


I could swipe my hand down and leaves would just follow, some would stay. Eventually no more green, just brown things sticking up everywhere!! Can I save my fern or is it too late??

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Not sure if its due to the water, but in Texas, its very hard, high in calcium, and alkali. Can it just be going into a dorment state for a while??

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