It's a Small World: Weekend Trivia -- Saturday

thinman(Z5 MI)June 26, 2010

Happy weekend, dear and faithful cottagers. IÂm sure you have all heard of leaf beetles, and being gardeners, you have probably had reason to mutter dark things about them, their mothers and fathers, and all their dad-blasted kin. But, some of them are actually kind of pretty, in a buggy sort of way.

HereÂs one called a micro leaf beetle that I think is kind of attractive, for a beetle.

Your trivia question for today is this. What object is the beetle partly resting on? Yep, it will have to be a guess, but IÂll bet some of you will get it.


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well I will admit that it is a very pretty bug :), but since I have no clue what it is, I am not sure I would welcome it into my garden.

I am up early as I have a really full/busy day, but I want to be able to play, so am going to take a guess before I go out.

I am going to guess that it is sitting on the head of a pin.

have a great day all! I am off to my first stop -- the local garden centre--where else?? :)

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

It is a beautiful bug. Probably very evil though :)

I am sort of agreeing with gg. My first thought was a nail head.

Sorry I missed last week's bird song trivia. I was away. Wouldn't have gotten stars though, even though the robin and chickadee are heard here every day. Now, I'll be listening for the grosbeak, too!

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

I think it is a pin also, but only because it is called a 'micro' leaf beetle.

Hot here already, but we have had nice rain this week. VERY humid, but we are always happy for the rain.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Seems I'm late to the game this morning :), I'm guessing a pin too.

Hope you have a good day at the farmer's market TM, what all are you growing in your cutting garden this year?


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thinman(Z5 MI)

Hmmmm, four guesses, and they're all the same. Either this one was too easy or trickier than you all thought...

Annette- I had a pretty good day at the market, especially since I had only flowers enough for three bouquets. This year I'm filling in the early season with herb plants. At $1.00 apiece they are selling well. I grew only three: basil, thyme, and oregano. That order is also the order of popularity; there's not a lot of demand for oregano.

As far as flowers, here's what I have out there right now.

Achillea filipendulina
Ageratum, Blue Horizon
Alchemilla, Thriller
Amaranth, Autumn's Touch
Amaranth, Opopeo
Antirrhinum, Rocket
Asclepias, Silky
Bupleurum Garibaldi
Centaurea Cyanus
Centaurea Macrocephala
Centaurea Montana
Centranthus ruber
Cosmos, Versailles
Dianthus Barbatus
Dianthus Barbatus, Amazon
Dianthus Barbatus, Hollandia
Digitalis Camelot
Eryngium planum
Helianthus, ProCut Orange
Helianthus, Sunrich Orange
Marigold, Crackerjack
Monarda, Panorama
Pennisetum Glaucum
Rudbeckia, Prairie Sun
Scabiosa, CutBrite
Statice, QIS
Tanacetum, Crown White
Zinnia Benary's
Zinnia, Oklahoma


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thinman(Z5 MI)

OK, smarties, you all got this one right. Too easy!! Maybe I should have left out the name of the beetle.

for Greylady, Cynthia, Janie, and Annette.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

That's quite an impressive list of flowers you're growing TM. Are you growing any dahlias? A gal here sells a lot of those as cut flowers. I think she also does a lot up for weddings and other occasions.


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thinman(Z5 MI)

Oh yeah, Annette, I forgot about dahlias. I put in 75 tubers this year plus 100 gladiolus corms. Those weren't on my seeding list that I copied.

I will never ever ever even think about weddings. I'm a grower, definitely not a florist. I only arrange flowers (awkwardly) out of necessity, since that's the way they sell.


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