moss questions are sphagnum or green moss alive?

tmoore2(6/7 MD)March 20, 2007

are sphagnum or green moss alive? i'm wondering about the kind that comes in bags sold as potting material. i read somthing about sphagnum having to mix with algae before it begins to grow and that sometimes there are living buds in those bags. also my bag of Schultz green moss seems to have a lot of little brown seeds in it, will those grow?

does it matter much how long the bags have been sitting around and what temperatures they've been in?

if they can be grown how do i grow them?

can i uses my fishtank water (where algae is already growing)?

also i'm looking for monstera deliciosa cuttings/root segments, i've heard they can be rooted in damp sphagnum, what temp. do they need for best rooting and does anybody have any monstera deliciosa or resurrection fern for sase?

thanks for any help

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sphagnum moss does not have to mix with algae. Perhaps you are thinking of lichen. Sphagnum SHEET moss can sometimes come to life after moistened. The other processed stuff cannot.

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