How do I grow moss between pavers?

koshMarch 3, 2007

We moved into a house with pavers in a circular driveway and throughout the back yard. They are about 30 years old with plenty of growing space in between. Last summer weeds were everywhere and I was pulling EVERY week! (I didn't want to use a Round-Up type product). Some areas have moss. It's beautiful and solves the weed problem. I AM A GARDENING NOVICE!!

Q: How do you grow moss between pavers? Where do I get the moss? Is it realistic? HELP!

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To buy moss if you are east of the Rockies you can use the link below.
They have several species available.
I would ask them about your situation before ordering any
just to be sure that your spots are suitable for their species.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tripplebrook Farms

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fmogul(z6-7 NY)

You could also try I can't vouch for them, but they do specialize in the stuff, and I'm thinking about ordering some moss from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Moss Acres'

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triciae(Zone 7 Coastal SE CT)

I purchased cushion moss from Moss Acres 3 years ago. It arrived in splendid condition with a very detailed instruction sheet for care & planting. They were also very helpful on the phone. The moss I purchsed from them has thrived in my conditions.


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I already have a lot of moss and are thinking of letting the moss take over the grass areas. So, I don't have to mow and water or fertilize
How do I get the moss to sprad evenly throughout the grass areas.
And, are there any disadvanges of having moss everwhere?


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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)

You can spray your moss with Round-up, or any ROOT killer, because moss does not have roots! The plants around, that do have roots, will be killed, but not the moss! I have been trying to get my moss to take over, but my soil just dosen't stay wet enough, and I can't afford to water enough. I envy those of you who can have a moss yard instead of mowing! I'm trying. Good luck! (And send me some moss when you get too much, or don't want anymore, I treasure every bit of it!)

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If your pavers are in full sun, you need to find moss that will grow in sunny dry conditions. If you notice city sidewalks where the sun beats down everyday you will often see moss growing in the cracks. That is the kind you want. I don't know if anybody sells that kind, you might have to find some in an area that you can get permission to dig. You can also take slices of the the moss you already have and move them to areas you want it to grow. Just remove all rocks and debris and press it firmly to firm, bare soil and mist occasionally until it begins to spread. Full sun moss spreads slowly, so have patience!

It is correct that Roundup will kill weeds in moss, just be careful to get Roundup that is not enhanced with additives because that WILL kill moss. You need plain glyphosate. Other weed killers will usually damage or kill moss. I know this from experience, having used Spectracide on a small area of my moss lawn as an experiment. It never did recover and I had to transplant moss from another area to fill in.

Nashonii, Don't be mislead that moss needs a lot of water. Native mosses only get watered when it rains, and they can be lush and beautiful. You can kill them with too much water. If your native moss lawn or area is getting too dry, it will just go dormant, or you can mist it once a week or so. I see you are in the Ozarks like me, and our native mosses don't need a lot of moisture. They have been growing like crazy with all the rain we've had lately, but they will do fine in the summer without it. Just look around in the woods, parks, everywhere it grows wild and you will see how well it does.

If you have moss but want more, you can take small pieces or divots and transplant them where you want them to spread (kind of like a hair transplant, haha). It fills in quickly. Or you can put bits of moss in a blender with some buttermilk or beer (not light) and spread it around where you want it, on rocks or bare soil. It's a little slower that way than direct transplanting but it does work. The key to getting most wild mosses started is bare, firm soil. If you mulch paths or areas where you want it to grow, it won't. It also won't get started on disburbed soil. The spores need a firm soil to grown on. And they don't need fertilized. Lime will kill most of them as they like acid soil, so if you lime your lawn, your moss will go away.

John P just keep killing the grass out or pulling it, and the moss will spread on its own. I have had a moss lawn for about 25 years now, and I love it! There is no disadvantage to moss everywhere, in fact it makes a great ground cover under shady plants as it conserves moisture and shades the soil. If you look at pictures of Japanese gardens, you will see that there is little soil exposed, it is usually completely covered with lush mosses.

Sometimes if I want more moss, I go to a local greenhouse/nursery where it grows like crazy and becomes a nuisance, and they scrape it off every spring. They are glad for me to scoop some of it up. I also try to rescue it from areas slated to be bulldozed for new buildings.

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Mosswitch, Thank you SOOO much for the much needed information. I will put it all to use. Even the garden center trick salved my conscience because once I bought a plant that already had moss all around its base and even added a little that I found on the ground under the tables! I have felt quite guilty about that extra added value, but not now that I've read that the garden centers likely prefer to get rid of it. Your post was very, very helpful!

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What is the best season to attempt the buttermilk mixture?

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My moss is the size of softballs and located between flagstone pavers.They are flowering,but some are turning completely brown. Is it because of too much water,or the lack thereof.Is it nessary to fertlize? And if so what is best to use,and how often

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