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bubbalove(7 Central AL)March 22, 2005

I live in 6b North Georgia mountains. A small stream, shady, in the back yard. I have some beautiful ferns down there in the summer. They are large, about three feet tall. Iwas wondering if anyone knows their name (I wont have a pic until summer), I'm just curious.

I was also wondering if they can be transplanted-potted and when to do it. I was thinking of giving a few as gifts.



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We have the following native large ferns in North Georgia: Christmas fern (semi-evergreen), lady fern, cinnamon fern, royal fern, northern maidenhair fern, netted chain fern, hay scented fern, New York fern, and sensitive fern (and I may have forgotten a couple).

Yes, they can be transplanted almost anytime. I have potted up some of my own and given them to friends as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Links to ferns by common name

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bubbalove(7 Central AL)


Thanks for that link, very useful. I have most of those ferns actually. I think it might be the New York fern I'm thinking of potting. I'll have a closer look when they come up.

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My number one favorite tip for identifying New York fern is one that someone else told me "New Yorkers burn the candle at both ends". That is, the frond tapers at the tip (the top) and also at the bottom (whereas lady fern tapers at the tip but is very wide at the bottom). It is also is one of the first ferns to go dormant in my area when it gets cold.

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