Diagnose spots on gollum jade

carat37(7)October 27, 2013

I have some gollum jade cuttings in a mixed-species succulent potting (all in Al's gritty mix). Recently some of the leaves of the gollum have become covered in tiny black/brown freckles. Otherwise the gollum seems OK. None of the other plants in the pot seem to be affected by the same issue.

I've had regular jades with scale, but this doesn't quite look the same as what I remember.

Does anyone know what this might be?


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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Fungus spores. Just a guess, I had once. Couldn't clear up. Lost all the leaves and it grew new ones back with out the spots. May have been in a high mosture area?

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I would take a close look for thrips! They are very small, and can be seen crawling around on the plant. They also leave black dots of "poop" all around. A magnifying glass will help to find out if there are creepiecrawlies of some sort.

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